ZLATIBOR, Serbia is INSANE! You Can’t Miss This SERBIAN Mountain PARADISE!
Zlatibor, Serbia is INSANE! You Can’t Miss This SERBIAN Mountain PARADISE!

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  • gospodin covek
    gospodin covek

    The next time you go to Zlatibor, you must try the pancakes on the lake in the "Fenix" pancake house. The best pancakes I've ever tasted in my life. By far the best in Serbia.

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thank you!

  • Sladana Prvulovic
    Sladana Prvulovic


  • Miroslav Veljkovic
    Miroslav Veljkovic

    The Food in serbia iz the BEST for me. Thank You all videos soory my english is not so god.

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thank you!

  • Ivanhoo11

    why didn't you ride the longest gondola in the world, here on Zlatibor?

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      we were told it wasn’t open!

  • Ivan Malovrazic
    Ivan Malovrazic

    You guys rock! You've definitely presented Serbias tourism potential better than our national tourist organization. Although you've missed some great places around Zlatibor, the video is awesome and invites everyone to visit. Thank you for this video and best regards from Serbia. If you need cheap accommodation in Zlatibor, there's a great local website dedicated only to accommodation in Zlatibor: www.zlatiborapartmani.rs/smestaji/

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Our pleasure! Thank you so much for watching, we really appreciate it!

  • Una Ivosevic
    Una Ivosevic

    You, guys, are amazing! Thank you for traveling across Serbia! Enjoy your time and stay safe and healthy! ❤️🙏

  • Kristina Bijelic
    Kristina Bijelic

    Hey Matt and Molly! Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your channel. I'm Serbian-Canadian, and my boyfriend and I discovered you guys by accident while looking for vloggers in Serbia/Belgrade (so I could show him what it all looks like!). Now, we actually project your videos on the big screen and watch them with my parents! We really like your mini-adventures, and we think you're both really sweet, and we love the stuff you show about our homeland. Keep it up, and enjoy the rest of your travels in the Balkans! xoxo

  • Luka Cikic
    Luka Cikic

    I'm from ZLATIBOR


    Thats beeeeeautiful xD

  • ຄວາມເບື່ອຫນ່າຍ

    nice one you can travel where you want feel safe its not india or smth engald is 1 hour from belgrade gl

  • Danijela Daca
    Danijela Daca

    You must visit Montenegro

  • Jade80 Jade80
    Jade80 Jade80


  • psr103 beorol
    psr103 beorol

    Rakija Takovo Kajsija

  • Roamer Ravi
    Roamer Ravi


  • MsBojana007

    You guys are amazing...we left Serbia because we didn't have job opportunities and now I would like to go back 😉😎

  • michael naluz
    michael naluz

    Nice cold weather. Funny you 2 throwing snow bits at each other.

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel


  • Vladimir Soskic
    Vladimir Soskic

    I don't know if you've tried "Gibanica" yet, but if you not, it's like you haven't even been in Serbia


    Thank you for promoting our country.We enjoyed watching.Wish you all the best.

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thank you!

  • Binsr

    The El Paso City Themepark (Wild, Wild West) in Vodice on Zlatibor Mt. and the Gold Gondola - the longest panoramic gondola (cablecar) in the world, should be added to your itinerary while on Zlatibor. Lovely people and lovely video.

  • Rade Radumilo
    Rade Radumilo

    From 1941-45 Nazis and their allies got entangled in their version of Vietnam, in the territories of Yugoslavia and Greece. Monuments like those could be found all over the former Yugoslavia and Greece. ps. Hot rakija is AKA "Šumadija tea" ;)

  • Darko Fujkic
    Darko Fujkic

    When you went to Novi Sad, you want to eat "KOMPLET LEPINJA". Well, Komplet Lepinja coming from Zlatibor, so be sure to try that while you are on Zlatibor, you wont regret it. 😉

  • tovarismrle

    People, while you are still in Serbia you have to visit one of the spa's. I recommend Ribarska Banja near Krusevac

  • slavic pride
    slavic pride

    Hot rakia is a thing tho with suggar

  • paul hilvert
    paul hilvert

    Doesn’t everywhere look so much better covered in snow, magical! Looks awesome 👏 🤩

    • paul hilvert
      paul hilvert

      @Dabble and Travel looks a bit like a sky resort with the buildings and trees covered in snow 🤩

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Absolutely insane right 😍

  • Travel With Us by Warren & Julie
    Travel With Us by Warren & Julie

    I’m a bit envious of your visit. So much of Zlatibor was closed due to Covid19 for our stay there. 👍♥️🇷🇸

  • Nevena Gutovic
    Nevena Gutovic

    Now you know why is so hard to stay fit in Serbia!! :D :D

    • ivica niko
      ivica niko

      Samo se ti teši na taj način.

  • Adeel Raiz
    Adeel Raiz

    Love from Adeel Karachi Pakistan.God bless you and your family

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thanks so much!

  • Marvie Manahan
    Marvie Manahan


    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel


  • dragan paunovic
    dragan paunovic

    Matt take care of Molly , warm her up............... she's freezing .

  • Paulène

    It's snowing in May? Wow!! We're hoping the pandemic will ease down & we can travel again. The Balkans are some we would love to visit. By the way, does Molly have a bit of mixed blood in her? :-) Just curious. Cheers from Malaysia. Paulina & Matt

    • Paulène

      @Dabble and Travel xx

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      It was last month and we were super surprised! I have Norwegian roots! x

  • wakanda

    For the adventurous! 🧚🎠🥂🎶🤙👍🤘🤍🤍🤍

  • Frost Flower
    Frost Flower

    In Zlatibor you can buy handmade woolens, very good quality and made from local sheep -something you will never find in stores that import from China :)

  • Jovana Jovanovic
    Jovana Jovanovic

    Great video 🍻🇷🇸❤

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thanks 👍

  • Milica

    There is hot rakija and its called "šumadijski čaj" or "tea of Šumadija" and its made of caramelized sugar and soft rakija and its the best hot drink you can have in the wintertime, trust me 😅

  • Linda Faber
    Linda Faber

    I can’t believe the Serbia is so gorgeous even in the winter land so lovely and love watching the 360 shots💕 me and my husband laughed when you played like bunch of kids snow fightings🥰take care always👍

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Jation Mivioni
    Jation Mivioni

    How do you guys feel in Serbia and wold you like to stay here?

    • Jation Mivioni
      Jation Mivioni

      @Dabble and Travel I like the answer,BCS I feel same. Travel as long you can and explore and schow the world more beautiful country's

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      We are really enjoying ourselves but we never stay in one place permanently!

  • Uros Gavrilovic
    Uros Gavrilovic

    Next to the place u ate in this video, there is a place called " Fenix "... Best place for magic pancakes and hot tea with Rum...Please dont miss it, enjoy :)

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thanks for the tips!

  • jefta milicevic
    jefta milicevic

    Nice vlog

  • vlada eraskovic
    vlada eraskovic

    And Kopaonik please...

  • Dusan westman
    Dusan westman

    Welcome to our piece of heaven🤗

  • P.V.47.

    Mu birtplace Zlatibor🇷🇸🍺😍

  • Škorpion 18.11.76.
    Škorpion 18.11.76.

    Svaka čast ovi ljudi prezantiraše Srbiju bolje od bilo koga i to detaljno. Pravi su profesionalci video snimci su im super daju volju i želju da posetimo sva ta mesta. Bože kako je lijepa naša majka Srbija još samo naše prelepo Kosovo da vratimo i to je to. Pozdrav svoj braći Sebima širom sveta i naravno ovom pre lepom paru sve naj bolje iz Republike Srpske.

  • Neoplanter

    ​ @Dabble and Travel I know that you like kajmak, so when you are on Zlatibor, you MUST try a specialty that is only made in the whole of Serbia in the city of Uzice. It is a Lepinja sa sve ( "bun with all") in the bakery Pekara Šuljaga ( Shulaga) in town Užice, just below Zlabibor. It is a calorie mega bomb, made with Kajmak, Eggs and Pretop (Pretop is a fat from roasting meat) are mix and put inside of a bun and baked in an wood oven, like a pizza oven, on beech wood. once you try it, you will never forget that dish. never

  • Nedskie channel
    Nedskie channel

    Hello my idols have a wonderful day wow guys that’s amazing views so beautiful to look at the beautiful snow I love you doing the drone you guys are so lucky you got amazing adventures I’m soso happy for you take care guy and be safe 🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • Bojan Blagojevic
    Bojan Blagojevic

    We'll NEVER let you go back to the UK... 😉

  • Frost Flower
    Frost Flower

    Zlati=gold Bor=pine in Serbian. Bor is an ancient word for coniferous forest/wood grove in slavic languages. Proto-Germanic is Baruz, old Norse is Borr. The artificial Zlatibor Lake was formed in 1947. It was built by damming the Obudovica river.

  • Natasa Vracar
    Natasa Vracar

    We have hot rakija!!! Šumadijski čaj! It is a similar process to mulled wine just without all the spices

  • A LDN
    A LDN

    Hope Greta Mongberg doesn't see this video! Snow in April? She'll be fewmin! xx

  • Miljan Velickovic
    Miljan Velickovic

    rswill.info/one/video/zGGp1HWwfqqcxH0.html Stara planina Babin zub Knjaževac

  • Dragoslav Djoric
    Dragoslav Djoric

    Snow in spring, in july its onli amezing,vorm in dey in night chili, spa in meni hotels bilding new and lake, gondola, for Kids dinasaur like Jura park, for caples and adaulst cleen air onli for walk bi hangaru like volf, good food on prshuta , kajmak in pogača,meni on voods bekon, sosiges, prshuta, evrithing meet smoke on only air for teyst on year bekon, sosiges prshuta in rang Spanish or Italian big bekon, sosiges and prshuta have strong faktori name Zlatiborac hu bring in Serbia and meni cantri,if you hedonist good food,vino , rakija on Pear,aple,plum , frend in good prshuta, kajmak, good chis yang and old chis like edamer or gauda , kačkaval ,white cish like greek feta, ingoy for good people araund world Zlatibor,Tara Kopaonik on five star new hotels in unice Kusturica Drvengrad and Mokra gora with old relvey from mautin back in time Agata Kristi and Herkul Poaro in trein come slouli acros mautin in drone looks like namber 8 come in top mautin and back, amezing in trein like Hogvorts ekspres, have replika like in muvie,svet cocies ,tie or kapućino,keyk,lolipop for kids, come and si land bytifol nature and frendli people care on evrithing wants,hiden Serbian mauntin, breathtekin and unice expirions 🇷🇸💐🍺🍹🍕🎂🍪🥘🍻🍟💖

  • Luka Lazic
    Luka Lazic

    Do you go to Šabac?🤔🦾

  • colin afobe
    colin afobe

    you guys must visit serbia again when covid madness ends. i see you are having great time even now. this country is insane

  • zan zy
    zan zy

    wow...amazin...molly in pink i love molly so much...and what a lovely place it is in your content...always be safe matt and molly

  • Vladimir Damjanovic
    Vladimir Damjanovic

    If you come to Zlatibor during summer definitely check neighboring things like Zlatarsko jezero (lake) and Zaovonsko jezero (lake)... Drven grad (Mecavnik) is nice any time of the year... Beli jelen park is interesting for children... And this one is really lesser known and not so developed Pribojska banja (spa with natural mineral healthy and warm water (37 degrees celsius)) In my opinion Zlatibor is better during summer but winter is also very nice and often very very snowy... Word of wise if you like hiking Zlatibor and Tara have wildlife (foxes, wildcats, bears, snakes...) but it is pushed back to areas with less people but dont be surprised if you stumble a pon a bear (more likely on Tara)... I have some friend that stumbled on mama bear with cub under Tornik (one of Zlatibors peaks)...

  • Nela Tait
    Nela Tait

    Vruća ( hot rakia) is very good specially on a cold day. It's milder and sweeter and lot more drinkable.

  • colin afobe
    colin afobe

    zlatibor should means golden pine (zlato is gold, bor is pine)

  • Hypatia TV
    Hypatia TV

    Maybe do not looks like, but municipality of Čajetina(Zlatibor is part of it) became the richest municipality in Serbia in latest 15 years and Zlatibor became the most visited serbian mountain, overtaking Kopaonik. Vrnjačka Banja(serbian spa centar) and Zlatibor is two the most touristic places in Serbia. My recomendation to visit this next, is not faraway from Zlatibor: WELCOME to SERBIA: rswill.info/one/video/p4ua05_Neq-OsZs.html

    • Hypatia TV
      Hypatia TV

      Name of location is UVAC. Is not faraway from Zlatibor. "El Paso" city in Serbia, maked for some Kusturica movies i think?. But some Holleewod western movies was recorded there.

  • oatmeal

    You gotta try komplet lepinja if you're in that part of Serbia

  • Addendum kebic
    Addendum kebic

    ZLATIBOR (Zlatni Bor = Golden Pine) - if curious! The 'halo effect' was great!

  • blue dream
    blue dream


  • DougZ

    Great video! I love Zlatibor :)

  • Filip

    Gold gondola is open and it is the longest cable car in the world, you can go on it if you’re still in Zlatibor , it has very nice views 😋

  • Зоран Кузмановић
    Зоран Кузмановић

    Hot rakija heats much better than hot wine. It’s my favorite winter drink, I would take hot rakija to the South Pole LOL. In Serbia, hot rakija is called Sumadian tea.

  • marsupiotupak

    I recommend you to go to Vrnjacka Banja. It is an awesome place. Kind Regards

  • Goran Marinic
    Goran Marinic

    I love to see how you guys are feeling comfortable and enjoy spending time in my country. 🍻 p.s. stay in Serbia

  • dragan petrovic
    dragan petrovic

    Are you still in Serbia or you already go to Romania??

  • John Sanderson
    John Sanderson

    If you want good rakia from Maxi, take Yellow Wasp (Zuta Osa) or Old Hawk (Стара соколова).

  • Ljiljana Stojanovic
    Ljiljana Stojanovic

    I love to watch your videos, you're great, I hope you enjoyed Serbia ❤️

  • sugreev2001

    Fantastic work with the drone, man.

  • Sasa Mihajlovic
    Sasa Mihajlovic

    Zlatibor - lepinja sa kajmakom, obavezno

  • SERBIA Basketball
    SERBIA Basketball

    Bady r ya from Birmingham ,Liverpool or Manchester ... Peaky Blinders accent....mayb London ...north east Essex.....?? Lovly film again bacardy briiiiizaaa king bolex m8 keep going through Serbia...many gizass there hehehehe

  • simon chilvers
    simon chilvers

    Incredible video of a stunning place in the snow! Great camera shots from the drone as well x

  • Ilija Kovac
    Ilija Kovac

    Well, actually in the Maxi stores you can find rakija which is produced and bottled in Destilerija Zaric in Kosjeric - one of the best destilleries in Serbia if you ask me, they sell it as it's own brand "Od naše zemlje" (apricot is my favorite), so I hope that you bought one of those. 😊 Nice video, as always!

  • Slobodan Nikolic
    Slobodan Nikolic

    great Video again...snow? when in April was that Video shot?

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Last month!

  • MrRadzaboy

    Since you are there try finding some locals or go to nerdy Uzice search for ,, komplet Lepinja,, local dish

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Stay tuned!

  • Мирослав Кострешевић
    Мирослав Кострешевић

    rswill.info/one/video/p5iBnJe0gn6o0p8.html CAVE ON ZLATIBOR

  • Historian

    Amazing video guys! Feeling home-sick when watching this... Zlatibor and Kopaonik are great.

  • Шумадинац

    While you are down there,if this is in real time, you could check out Mokra Gora, Sargan eight line and wooden city

    • Snezana Radoman
      Snezana Radoman


    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Stay tuned!

  • Lily Nesh
    Lily Nesh


  • ralezvezdas

    unfortunately Zlatibor looks more like a city than a tourist spot with all these new buildings sprouting up like mushrooms. I am afraid that this government will destroy this place as with its project Belgrade waterfront. Anyway i really like your sweater, i'm also a big fan of nirvana.

    • ralezvezdas

      @dragan paunovic I don't care about Vancouver and Canada, it's not our bussiness.

    • dragan paunovic
      dragan paunovic

      Ski Gross Mountain Resort -Vancouver -Canada is the same huge city with tons of buildings , hotels , and apartments , so Zlatibor is not isolated case in this industry .

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira

    Love the Cevapi

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira

    The Lake too is beautiful

  • Νικόλαος Μορένος
    Νικόλαος Μορένος

    I'm guessing you are staying in Serbia permanently...

  • zv

    "I am here to make you smile"- on papper glass :)

    • Frost Flower
      Frost Flower

      paper cup :)

  • Edo Budim
    Edo Budim

    You can buy some good quality rakia in markets, jut go for 1500-3000 rsd budget...see in maxi . rs ...cant copy direct link due to you tube being c... I suggest one with honey for Molly :) i think its sljiva based. its "od nase zemlje" brand around 1500.

  • Kristijan Vuckovic
    Kristijan Vuckovic

    Amazing video, go to eastern Serbia cities along river Danube. Good luck and have fun :D

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira

    Next time.pls ask Molly to throw some snow so as an audience we can enjoy the snow effect truly good.. Beautiful

  • soylent green
    soylent green

    My 3 favorite british people- actor Michael Caine...and Matt&Molly, no doubt:)

    • MsBojana007

      Pierce Brosnan definitely

    • Binsr

      Not Pierce Brosnan? Or Delboy and Rodney from "Only Fools and Horses"?

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira


  • Dalibor Avramovic
    Dalibor Avramovic

    Don't miss Sokobanja!

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira

    Awesome food

  • goran kovacevic
    goran kovacevic

    You are bouth amazing respect and big support what you doing in our Mother land Serbia and what can I say enjoy at your wacation!

    • goran kovacevic
      goran kovacevic

      @Dabble and Travel you welcome!

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thanks Goran!

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira

    Absolutely incredible enjoy the trip have fun

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Thanks so much

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira

    Love the ❄️❄️ snow

  • Dimphina Pereira
    Dimphina Pereira

    Wonderful Zlatibor ...❄️❄️❄️⛄ ❤️❤️

  • Don Tom
    Don Tom

    A travel vlogger grom ALbnania..and i am Enjoying your travels to Serbia..nice vlogs and beautiful nature

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Awesome! Thank you!

  • Nenad Strbic
    Nenad Strbic

    Love you and this channel, not because I am native, here, but because of your attitude about travel, and concept of showing us the place where ever you where..

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Wow, thank you!

  • Tomislav Aleksic
    Tomislav Aleksic

    I hope you tried local specialty - komplet lepinja! Nice video.

    • Dabble and Travel
      Dabble and Travel

      Stay tuned....

  • Srdjan Jovanovic
    Srdjan Jovanovic

    that was funny , snowball ..... hurry up :D