World's Most Expensive Water Bottle
watch chandlers reaction at the end hahaha #shorts

  • MrBeast Shorts
    MrBeast Shorts

    "it just tastes like water" - Chandler 2021

    • SickMan 589
      SickMan 589


    • Dreamsimpnotfound

      Y e s

    • Basic Bella_Art Oficial
      Basic Bella_Art Oficial

      If you don’t want it I’ll take it 😅

    • Rośe Garden
      Rośe Garden


    • na


  • Vaibhav Mishra
    Vaibhav Mishra

    Chunna laga ya 😂😂😂

  • Francis Martin
    Francis Martin

    Master of fakery

  • Daniel Good
    Daniel Good

    They might have put some kind of spell in the water


    Its actualt diamond water.

  • C00RT


  • blipblop92

    You bought a souvenir dummy

  • pessimistic557

    Drinking 600 dollar water out of 10c beer pong cups

  • David Walden
    David Walden

    You poured it three ways and said that’s about 100$ apiece. Three ways that’s 200$ apiece.

  • Dorian Barss
    Dorian Barss

    Holy water

  • Rodrigo Castro
    Rodrigo Castro

    I don't fucking care

  • iBacon

    it’s someone’s bath water

  • Jishnu Vimal
    Jishnu Vimal

    Holy water

  • Israel S
    Israel S

    That we got scam was so funny at the end

  • Prites Bas
    Prites Bas

    Rumour has it all three turned into 🐸' s after an hour

  • Wyatt Ash
    Wyatt Ash

    It's probably Glasser water

  • Jerwel Gorgonio
    Jerwel Gorgonio

    MrBeast is the only human allowed to make exaggerated faces reactions etc on his videos. You can't change my mind.

  • Remoteliss

    He lives in a place where tap water is pretty much premium quality water from the store... As long as the faucet isn’t rank

  • deadtolove

    How is this garbage content popular??

  • Havoc Room Studios
    Havoc Room Studios

    Reminds me of that one time in genshin where the guy sells “holy water”

  • Paul Sukkar
    Paul Sukkar

    That’s a stupid amount of money to spend on water

  • Maxi 2307
    Maxi 2307

    Plot twist: it’s vodka?

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez

    Boy love you and everything i think u are amaizing but if u really wanna try the best watter ever you have to go to Madrid (Spain) its a fact

  • Drip2gamy

    Jimmy “Laddies and gentlemen we got scammed.”😂😂

  • Íkaro Jessé
    Íkaro Jessé

    Mr Beast : We got scammed Me : LMAAAAAO 😂

  • Pastel Flowrz
    Pastel Flowrz

    So he pours the 600 hundred dollar water into some cheap $3 dollar solo cups? Yea, makes sense.😂

  • Josh Wallace
    Josh Wallace

    Red solo cup!

  • shannon sims
    shannon sims

    Hello AgAiN

  • shannon sims
    shannon sims


  • Dawn Haylor
    Dawn Haylor

    I love how they spend $600 on water to drink it out of a solo cup

  • AlexTona

    Plot twist: it’s someone’s bath water

  • Martin H.g
    Martin H.g

    600$ water in a 1$ cup

  • Stu

    How’s this guy got so popular? I’m baffled

  • Magic Charming
    Magic Charming

    Try Zamzam Water

  • Joey Wren
    Joey Wren

    It's possible any one of us could be drinking water from one of those bottles this very second

  • everywhere at the end of funk bf
    everywhere at the end of funk bf

    "today, I'm gonna be making water out of diamonds" - a youtuber who made water out of diamonds

  • Memer ninja Guy
    Memer ninja Guy

    Mr beast can you pls read this can we change chandlers name To chan the man on your next vid

  • J Nunez
    J Nunez

    When your boy drinks 600$ water

  • Kc Mv
    Kc Mv

    If the water contains high amount of antioxidants then it will be costlier

  • Murpheria

    Plot twist: the water was actually a liquid form of diamond fused with water

  • Jayden Has a great day
    Jayden Has a great day

    I think it’s the cup

  • julian trejo
    julian trejo

    It's cost so much cuz it's going in you

  • Mr-A Collective
    Mr-A Collective


  • -5 Deagle HS
    -5 Deagle HS


  • Mochi& Boba
    Mochi& Boba

    Can we just text if the diamond are real

  • Dhiyansh Jain
    Dhiyansh Jain

    Spent 600 and made 50 grand just by drinking water

  • Sgt. Mittens
    Sgt. Mittens

    Holy water? You don’t need that, you’re already a life savior.

  • thepimpyoda

    When buying water you're actually paying the container

  • KUB04

    You got scammed? You had to wait until you tasted the water to realise that?

  • Roy Williams
    Roy Williams

    MRBEAST rules

  • Sofia Victoria
    Sofia Victoria

    Jimmy: IDK why its so extensive Me: maybe cause the bottle's made of Diamond?!

  • satyajit dev
    satyajit dev

    but it's still H2O

  • Longsandwich BLT
    Longsandwich BLT

    Mr.beast could literally afforded to drink this as regular water

  • Lawton O'Neal
    Lawton O'Neal

    It’s Bella Delphines bath water prized among simps

  • Fatih Cevik
    Fatih Cevik

    Its more healthy

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown

    Cheap cups ruin it

  • vroom vroom
    vroom vroom

    Water is Water

  • Faris Abdelaziz
    Faris Abdelaziz

    Only og's remember when guava juice drank this water

  • Thea Orozco
    Thea Orozco

    You guys should have done a Ph test

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown

    Should of spent that money for better looking cabinets.

  • immortal monster
    immortal monster

    The water is the tears of people who have bought that water because they have no money left

  • DIJ Pascal
    DIJ Pascal

    Use glass ...

  • God Man
    God Man

    It's $600 because there are enough people out there who will buy into it.

  • Yelena

    "It's a hydrogen water" - others promoting expensive water I quess

  • Raja Seetha
    Raja Seetha

    Poda nai louse

  • No Videos more
    No Videos more

    "All the boys" *Sad karl noises*

  • Rogelo Martinez
    Rogelo Martinez

    I am in love with your veods mrbeast

  • Jett Brown
    Jett Brown

    Because it's dimond

  • Rogelo Martinez
    Rogelo Martinez

    wow I love how you pour the water and it is expensive And i love your veods

  • Mw3raf143

    It's the Holy Water

  • agent Penguino
    agent Penguino

    Just water they scam people for money

  • Md Zaker Hossain Bhuiyan
    Md Zaker Hossain Bhuiyan

    Get scammed bro.

  • DizzyEdgar

    You'd think that if it was so expensive they wouldn't be drinking out of $0.10 cups would they?

    • Ram Lapira
      Ram Lapira

      So u want them to buy equally expensive cups and reshoot again?

  • Angela S
    Angela S


  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez


  • احمد الراشدي
    احمد الراشدي


  • The Southern Bible Boy
    The Southern Bible Boy

    Btw, they make something called thick water now. Heard of it on DDOI

  • Faith FILI
    Faith FILI

    it costs $600 because it looks really fancy.But did Jimmy\MrBeast say I'll put the boys in cup?


    Bro why did you drink 10,000 water in plastic cups

  • Vedashri Bhosrekar
    Vedashri Bhosrekar

    Eeeeeeeee Subscribe to Mr beast

  • adib afiq
    adib afiq


  • Taniya Hobson
    Taniya Hobson

    iTs jUsT wAtEr

  • psychology real talks
    psychology real talks

    Because the price on on the battle the water is free

  • Zainab Moazum
    Zainab Moazum


  • Elijah Perez
    Elijah Perez

    Tbh I am thirsty right now

  • Rodney Anderson
    Rodney Anderson

    Mr beast. I want you to destroy my house!

  • Usman Shah
    Usman Shah

    Who else drank water after watching this??....

  • E C
    E C

    😂😂😂 his face realizing its a scam

  • Alberto C.T.
    Alberto C.T.

    When you feel stupid remember this guy who spend that much in water

  • Coyote Girl
    Coyote Girl

    I was a scam

  • Cj Nc09
    Cj Nc09

    Water 💧

  • 魂Richter

    Queen Elizabeth Bathwater

  • Marklee Ramos
    Marklee Ramos

    Guava juice nostalgia

  • Diana Acena Evangelista
    Diana Acena Evangelista

    Its diamond flavor?

  • Chris O'Reilly
    Chris O'Reilly

    The plastic probably ruined it

  • New Day
    New Day

    I need a van Mr Beast.

  • MxliodasYTcellz

    LatinoMerica viendo como malgastan 600 dolares en una puta botella de agua cuando bien puedes beber del rio

  • Launchpad Mcquack
    Launchpad Mcquack

    It's filtered vodka

  • Earth

    Agreed. you are boys.

  • Robert Danklint
    Robert Danklint

    We gave been scamed again

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