World's first 600 km/h high-speed maglev train rolls off assembly line
Superfast! China has unveiled the world's first high-speed maglev train capable of speeds of up to 600 km/h.

  • Trainzrule

    Funnily enough, this is them continuing to develop German technology that was prematurely dropped in Germany...

  • Michael Mwaura
    Michael Mwaura

    They copied the German maglev

  • MyxTube

    China isn't the first to have it, wtf are u saying

    • Banlu Shi
      Banlu Shi

      Japan is testing 600km+ per hour, that the actual operating speed will be lower than 600km per hour and China is operating at 600km per hour . China's actual operating speed is the first in the world .

  • VS Travels
    VS Travels

    The CCP is fake news.

  • ItsYeGirl Misha
    ItsYeGirl Misha

    fast trains in a nutshell: *f l a t*

  • Di Ja
    Di Ja

    Oga mi ooo China

  • Markku Panu
    Markku Panu

    This is a serious message, for jealous people. If you do better we people will congratulate about your achievement. Don't talk too much Just Do It like Chinese.

  • Charlie Markovic
    Charlie Markovic

    “I NO GET ON THAT!!” Shouted Xi Jinping’s monther. “IT LOOK LIKE TAPEWORM!!!! YOU DISRESPECT XI ANCESTORS!!!! YOU BAD BOY! BAD BOY!!!!” Little Xi Jinping pooped his pants and looked embarrassed. Piglet sang:”TRALALALALA!”

  • Lord Word
    Lord Word

    China could potentially link the whole eurasia+africa with a network of super high speed train!

  • Lord Word
    Lord Word

    China stole America's future technology that America will create in another 10 years.

  • Unfair Nations
    Unfair Nations

    what a cyberpunk train!

  • Deihan Dzilky
    Deihan Dzilky

    _Wow Mantul!!!_ 👌🏻😎👍🏻

  • ║J║      ║A║      ║Y║෴☯
    ║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯

    The amount of people hating this just because it is from China shows how racist people are, wether they're jealous of their achievements, straight up racist or xenophobic, they're bad. Good job China 👍 from Malaysia, y'all disgusting haters need to get lost.

    • Joe Miler
      Joe Miler

      mic up rn

  • Soma

    And in USA we're still arguing for over a year now about ancient railways to be modernized.

  • Soma

    US: is time to sanction the train industry of China, because they are destroying the world.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Congrats China!

  • Hana mebel
    Hana mebel

    follow the video, friends, greetings from hana furniture 🙏👍

  • TransSpotting Ldn
    TransSpotting Ldn

    Europe should start investing in this as well

    • Huligan Alter
      Huligan Alter

      Originally this tech was invented by the Germans and sold to China 😄

  • Derek M
    Derek M

    Where the video of it travelling 600km/h?

  • ElevatorCA780

    Looks plastic. Would rather drive a dangerous 30 year old taxi than something that may break in a year.

    • ║J║      ║A║      ║Y║෴☯
      ║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯

      Yeah is plastic, go bang your head against it, confirmed you won't get hurt.

    • Bukui Zhao
      Bukui Zhao

      It is not plastic you dumb, you don't know how safe the China HSR is.


    Train looks cool i just wont ride it

  • Minil Roy
    Minil Roy

    How much fast you want to travel on land? China : yes..!!!!

  • Murari Goswami
    Murari Goswami

    It seems to look fake

  • A Z
    A Z

    Why the West sell stuff to China only for them to reverse engineer it is baffling.

  • Sumanta Satyal
    Sumanta Satyal

    Sorry English langoij finely not me

  • Sumanta Satyal
    Sumanta Satyal

    Nepali people

  • Sumanta Satyal
    Sumanta Satyal

    Fast come Nepal let after

  • Sumanta Satyal
    Sumanta Satyal

    Plise your aarymy fors Nepal give. in American aarmy intry shutout Nepal sawroundig American aarmy

  • Alan Dunstan
    Alan Dunstan

    Yes, but aren't they having financial problems?

  • jacobrocks7

    China stole the train Technology from the USA ...just look at the amazing high speed train network in USA

    • ║J║      ║A║      ║Y║෴☯
      ║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯

      2/3 of the entire high speed rail networks are currently in China, meanwhile in the US only has one high speed train, is not even that fast, continue being jealous, it won't help.

  • Lions Bite
    Lions Bite

    Yeah, yeah, the fastest whatever, but there are still seats without a window! No progress whatsover!

  • Teo Teo
    Teo Teo

    If China weren't so strict with its laws it should be the 2nd Japan.

  • रवीश कुमार -एक मोदी भक्त [rndtv]
    रवीश कुमार -एक मोदी भक्त [rndtv]

    Mean while india struggling for land acquisition poor india 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    I will believe this shit when you show it in a video... you are fake news !!!!

    • ║J║      ║A║      ║Y║෴☯
      ║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯

      Somebody is jealous

  • Roya Arefiyan
    Roya Arefiyan

    Congratulations From Iran

  • Dr. Abdul Latif Baloch
    Dr. Abdul Latif Baloch


  • shubham jha
    shubham jha

    I don't believe these guys eat bats.... Great work china 👍.

  • All Trading Secrets
    All Trading Secrets

    Japanese have been testing this technology from 1998s. Is this train any different from what is already built by Japan?

  • Srimanta Adhikari
    Srimanta Adhikari

    China best products china virus

    • Joe Miler
      Joe Miler

      @║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯ no u just replied a lot so I had to balance it out. now mic up idiot do you have discxard?

    • ║J║      ║A║      ║Y║෴☯
      ║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯

      @Joe Miler in fact I'm just saying this train is cool, congratulation China, get over it and move on. Why do you have to attack me just because I praised for China? Racist much? Jealous much!? Curb it idiot.

    • ║J║      ║A║      ║Y║෴☯
      ║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯

      @Joe Miler wow calling me a loser because I called someone racist? Where am I wrong, what mic up? Wtf are you trying to say? Stop acting like a Kool cool cringy ass kiddo. You and I don't have anything to argue about, yet you fking bring shit up out of nowhere, so stfu and get lost, what a trouble maker

    • Joe Miler
      Joe Miler

      @║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯ not the Malaysian thinking he has an opinion 😱

    • Joe Miler
      Joe Miler

      @║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯ im not praising him, idiot. now mic up loser. stop putting words in my mouth idiot. now mic up

  • EiRA-hiE-x2104

    I wonder the cost per km between Japan and China's one, let's see how far can China lower the cost

  • Hïgkëte


  • D Po
    D Po

    US says it's sanction the idea of maglev because of national security threat to US...loo

  • Zùu Yang
    Zùu Yang

    China : We have invent new technologies U S : they stolen from US India in 2021 : Starting coping every Chinese technology's for example 5G and even policies also

  • andrzej3511

    It seems that the continued economic and technological achievements of the Chinese people, even after the introduction of US sanctions, EXACTLY shows where the Chinese have them and how deeply. A few decades ago, the Pekingese broke off its leash, today it turns out to be a stout animal and no one is able to catch it again. Make America great again? If the Chinese allow... ;)))

  • コヌイチ

    Nah I'll stick with my country's Technology

  • f j
    f j


  • Voravasu Tititaradol
    Voravasu Tititaradol

    German Technology

    • Voravasu Tititaradol
      Voravasu Tititaradol

      @josue torrez Yes you right

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      Based un Old german patents but depeloved by Germany-Sino companies Actually China implemented innovation too That made this train posible

  • Kajihara Hiroma
    Kajihara Hiroma

    I like the way that China use hi-tech to show the world how strong they are, not military forcees...

    • ║J║      ║A║      ║Y║෴☯
      ║J║ ║A║ ║Y║෴☯

      This is not about military forces, this is about Advanced technologies, two completely different things.

    • 王超

      @Pantheon Ellis The cost of weapons made by China at the same level is only one-tenth that of the United States

    • Pantheon Ellis
      Pantheon Ellis

      Chinese surely like that too, look at their military expense compared to the US...

  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan

    what do you by Napoleon was right? whats with him? explain to me

  • Venlafaxine Domperidone
    Venlafaxine Domperidone

    Usa looks third world compared to china

    • Joe Miler
      Joe Miler

      @Zùu Yang mic up Zuu Yang.

    • Zùu Yang
      Zùu Yang

      Indian and US media : that's fake news 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😅😂🤣

  • Daniel Engström
    Daniel Engström

    What happens when nature puts stuff on the rail?

  • Jen

    Can we trust made in china 🇨🇳??? I think Japanese 🇯🇵 trains are safer

    • ElevatorCA780

      I'd take American trains over some plastic, slow and steady wins the race

    • Tomoya Mr
      Tomoya Mr

      Yes.Chinese train dangerous .

    • 明日埃迪

      Ignorant people, only China has such a train in the world

  • ZH Z
    ZH Z

    We only focus on doing our own thing and let others say it!

  • TheDustyRavage

    China only buys Western high tech and copies it to then roll it out in their unbelievable huge domestic market. end of story.

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      @TheDustyRavage im studyng digital sistem enginering and robotics so i know what i'm talking about

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      @TheDustyRavage Chinese only prosecute violations of Chinese patentes Not forgein patentes Dude just think a bit

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      @TheDustyRavage i use data from Oficial entities Like arguments. I use data from WIPO, Chinese universityes, technolgical studies or data from Chinese tech companyes I use data, real data and studies you cant say that data is nonsense if you dont read it

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      @TheDustyRavage ironically RSwill dont let my put long comentary

    • TheDustyRavage

      @josue torrez You're just spitting out nonsense after nonsense... Anyways: I've worked in Singapore for almost 3 years and I got in touch with some project partners from the prestigious Beijing University, that were supposed to help their Chinese industrial partner. At the time I was working for a German Company. After endless video meetings and a last visit in China our manager decided to cancel the project as the Chinese could not provide any useful work to the IoT project. Bottom line is: even the Chinese engineers and scientists that are supposed to be better than average, are incapable to say the least. They're absolutely unemployable in progressive companies. I on the other hand have helped generating more than 20 patents during my career as an engineer. Now speaking of WIPO, the source YOU named first but obviously didn't read properly: a) On what page did you find the information that China is the biggest producer of patents? b) -->quality over quantity also applies for patents anyway c) how come that Chinese authorities never (!) prosecute violation of such patents when held by foreign Companies? Now some last words: what are you even doing that you fell qualified to have such a strong opinion on Chinese technology? I more and more feel like you a just a completely unqualified internet troll that can't back up its claims.

  • jie jun
    jie jun

    看以前的中国再看现在的中国真的变化很大 慢慢在变强

  • Lee Morris
    Lee Morris

    Excellent design. Put these designs in vacuum tubes and watch those distances reduce greatly. I look forward to travelling Dundee Scotland to Paris France in under an hour. This would mean underwater vacuum tubes. Such designs are coming to societies sooner than you may imagine. 🥸 Great feats of engineering are rolling out faster than ever before. 👍

  • shayis mohd
    shayis mohd

    China is a world super power

  • ATirkey

    I love how every comment is about USA. US is really the standard for other countries.

    • ElevatorCA780

      @Psych Out If anything is, Australia is behind.

    • Psych Out
      Psych Out

      More like standard symbol for failure, decay and lagging behind.

  • cherubin7th

    I see it is again a Transrapid.

  • Happy Singh
    Happy Singh



    They are developing so fast ,now they have developed a very fast maglev and before they made their most long-lasting,world wide spreaded virus .

  • Stevie G
    Stevie G

    Ah yes China - where they build things the rest of the world only talks about and some cry about because they are doing things too well - fast.

    • ElevatorCA780

      Too well to scam you for a train that may break.

  • Muhammad Azri Bin Ab Rahim
    Muhammad Azri Bin Ab Rahim

    Can anyone share the test run video? If this claim is proven? Anyway it looks nice.

  • M Y
    M Y

    China focus on growing its country. West are focus on determining if male and female gender term is correct and if gender neutral birth should be an option

  • Tahir Mahmood
    Tahir Mahmood

    I have spent 5 year of my life in china , china is really good , peaceful , there is no words to explain , how china is grow so quickly , omg , love this country , I have past memories with best friends in china , if someone ask me which country I want to go , china or USA definitely I will prefer china

    • ElevatorCA780

      Because you wont have to do anything cause they are crazy strict?

  • YingZheng Chin
    YingZheng Chin

    China took that train traveling to the future and stole that technology from the US.

  • halim satria
    halim satria

    First? Communist is such a liar! Japanese made it first!

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      @halim satria lol actually they even show the data in Baidu for example It doesnt mater if you are comunist or capitalist The technolgycal achievement are the same Anyways... they refers yo the first 600km/h MEDIUM speed train

    • halim satria
      halim satria

      @josue torrez that's what chinese said. They always overexagerate their claim for their technological achievement. Everything communist chinese said needs to be verified by related independent investigator

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      Chinese train MEDIUM speed 600km/h Japanese TOP speed 603 km/h That happened only 1 time in the history

  • TransSpotting Ldn
    TransSpotting Ldn

    Good luck and well done to the developers!

  • Wouter

    Congratulations China, your leaders have a vision and are investing in the right technology. Our European politicians missed this one more than 20 years ago. Now they are struggling with environmental issues they can’t solve.

  • skyarpenter

    You can build another moon, but if you don't have a world champion football team, you're still an underdeveloped country.

  • Faiz Khan
    Faiz Khan

    The faster this train is running, faster the atrocities on UIGHUR Muslims are increasing in CHINA

  • Faiz Khan
    Faiz Khan

    What about UIGHUR Muslims ?

    • Bukui Zhao
      Bukui Zhao

      @Zùu Yang you mean prove? If so, then there might be economic conflict between the US and China and the US did not want China to surpass the US in terms of economy. So the US tried to harass China and claim that there are forced labor in Xinjiang to make others boycott the industry. Obviously the US did not even provide any evidence how China was committing genocide in Xinjiang, and many have inspected Xinjiang and did not find any forced labor.

    • Zùu Yang
      Zùu Yang

      Do you have any frove

    • Bukui Zhao
      Bukui Zhao

      No forced labor.

    • Psych Out
      Psych Out

      Maybe you should ask that question to Western pro-script writers? Heard that they have decades of experience on that.

    • Doomseraph

      what about your brain? Have you found it?

  • Faiz Khan
    Faiz Khan

    China is making high speed train and our Modi is fooling people

    • ElevatorCA780

      @Zùu Yang And plus, peace? China was the one at fault all this time 🤣

    • ElevatorCA780

      @Zùu Yang India is already allies with russia but is still neutral on US

    • Zùu Yang
      Zùu Yang

      If India break ally with US , China and India we can destroy western dominance and can make peace in the world

  • Benjamin Houghton
    Benjamin Houghton

    Wow, they are really going to save the world with this, I am all for it 👌

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom

    They will be able to send the Uyghurs faster in the camps.


    Is youtube exist in China 🇨🇳🤔

    • ElevatorCA780


    • Zùu Yang
      Zùu Yang

      When ever I used to go to my home I don't use utube , but I'm in India now 🤗🤗

    • josue torrez
      josue torrez

      If you have a VPN

    • KUBAIT

      Yes but in control of Government.

  • maxim29672

    Dysfunctional and woke America is done.


    and for china, the technology they use has been stolen from the germans !! China for several decades is constantly seeking to achieve records in all genres to show that it is a great nation! but these acts do not show that it is a simple dictatorship !! I hate this shitty country !!

    • c9finn

      Our country germany has sold the technology to China because our country thought that the idea was too "dangerous" and was out of money. You can thank the people who always whine when a human error happens that we now dont have trains that can go from Berlin to Cologne in under a hour.


    a reminder, a MAGLEV is not a train, it is a vehicle with magnetic levitation !! a train is a vehicle on wheels and rails, a metro or a tram are not trains either, although they run on rails and wheels !!

  • Korona Buterfly
    Korona Buterfly


  • M.saravanan saravanan
    M.saravanan saravanan

    Congratulations. Jai hind

  • MyPonyIsLit

    The Maglev tech already existed / beeing invented in Europe, Germany. Sadly those narcissistic politics stopped it bc lobbyism.

  • jack brian
    jack brian

    Meanwhile it took my local council 10 years to fill a pothole...

  • b9y

    How can the turning radius be half of a subway?

  • Jacek Boczarski
    Jacek Boczarski

    It looks like a cool train, be we need to be honest here. Japan' maglev already reached 603 KM/h in the test. (and will ride with 500 km/h in 7 years on the ground). This train is not proved yet..

  • adlnt

    It must be copied & stealed from USA. Only if they got it.

  • DA

    Imagine china gets the crown meanwhile the dumbass capitalist politicians keep debating on other side..

  • DA

    Imagine pooping 💩 on the tracks of theze 😭 and loosing the asshole

  • S100 Flo
    S100 Flo

    Only China 🇨🇳

  • winden boy
    winden boy

    India: Hold my rusty lhb and ifc coaches 🤣😂

    • ElevatorCA780

      USA: Hold our high quality buses and trucks 🤣

  • r2d2

    Wake up sleeping joe , someone stole yr technology again !

  • Qalbi Raza
    Qalbi Raza

    Japan has already tested so

  • Animal Lover Akash
    Animal Lover Akash

    Indian train ka speed itna kam kyo h yar kam se kam 300 kmph to hona hi chahiye

  • Nomandic Jajabor
    Nomandic Jajabor

    And indian train can't reach 150 kmh

  • Mangguo Daren
    Mangguo Daren


  • Astonishing x9
    Astonishing x9

    Well I guess it’s nice China has this cool train, but when will China get civil rights, freedom of press, or democracy?

    • Astonishing x9
      Astonishing x9

      Alr China bot

    • Psych Out
      Psych Out

      @Astonishing x9 🧢

    • Astonishing x9
      Astonishing x9

      That’s just a random name I found on the internet

    • Psych Out
      Psych Out

      ​@Astonishing x9 but your name says it.

    • Astonishing x9
      Astonishing x9

      I never mentioned my country

  • Alexx

    They stole German's Technology that was used on their Shangai Maglev but who cares.

  • Kay G الله أكبر
    Kay G الله أكبر


  • MoritzZ

    Japan already had a 600 km/h fast maglev before china lol

    • Kg

      And they only tested one carraige at at 620 km/h last year, it's old news. They are going to test full size train and may beat Japan.

    • Kg

      What's the point if it's experimental? Atleast you can ride this by 2022 winter Olympics.

  • maksim k
    maksim k

    Российские поезда,самые поездатые поезда в мире!

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