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  • Bob - Nagesh Eldredge
    Bob - Nagesh Eldredge

    I'll take Steve Young and Barry Sanders as my QB/rb & RB.

  • David S.
    David S.

    This is one of the best RSwill videos I have ever seen. These are some of the greatest runs. Earl Campbell is the greatest Power Back of the 20th Century. The man was a bowling ball with legs.

  • Keith Carter
    Keith Carter

    No runs from Eric Dickererson, are you freaking kidding me?????

  • Visfor Vegan
    Visfor Vegan

    You could have just made it 100 Barry Sanders runs

  • Brian Gingrich
    Brian Gingrich

    When I saw the Lynch run against the Cards was at #8 I was sure Beastquake would be #1


    Emmitt Smith was faster than I thought

  • Proud Pastrami
    Proud Pastrami

    Notice Elliot didn't make the list!

  • Chris Choin
    Chris Choin

    Missed the one where Peterson is dragging 6 guys with him into the endzone.... ah man

  • yuly sosa
    yuly sosa

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  • Joseph Fisher
    Joseph Fisher

    Barry Sanders should of had at Least 50 runs in this video . Period.

  • Travis Hanks
    Travis Hanks

    I enjoyed the video except the OJ Simpson run. That guy doesn't deserve to be recognized. He brutally murdered his wife and her friend. Then bought his way to freedom. I don't believe there is a bigger waste of skin then on Simpson

  • Don Gato
    Don Gato

    Lynch's run literally caused an earthquake to register in the stadium. I've never seen a running play like that where it looked like he was stonewalled then broke that many tackles. He tossed Tracy Porter aside like a rag doll with one arm. I also think Bo Jackson running over the Boz Brian Bosworth in the Kingdome should be top 5 easy.

  • LFD5453 WI
    LFD5453 WI

    No Steve Young running down the field without a helmet in the top 100? Barber picks up 2 yards and that's on the list but a guy having his helmet ripped off and continuing to run doesn't make it?

  • aerofreak 8
    aerofreak 8

    Highlight Heaven you're right, I am gonna complain. Please watch more film, there should be more Sweetness, abso-f*&#kn'-lutely. It'd be cool if you re-issued this with info on name of running back (when not called by announcers) and year. Don't you all love comments on football by women?! LOL! Seriously, though... And question, this is offense only? Meaning special teams aren't included? 'Cuz if not, your re-issue should include some Devon Hester, don't 'cha think?

  • Genevieve Jax
    Genevieve Jax

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  • mike patterson
    mike patterson

    King Henry ;-)$$$$ 4 - 2000 yrd games ... 4 SB/;-)) Iv Seen Walter / Little Chris / Henry Thank You God ! /;-))) Peace/;-))

  • R. Smith....O-H.....

  • Can you imagine what would have happened if Tom Brady played for the Cleveland Browns for all those years

  • Jose Maldonado
    Jose Maldonado

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  • Joshua Daigle
    Joshua Daigle

    As a Saints fan, I knew what #1 was going to be before I even clicked on the video. =(

  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart

    Could watch Payton all day …

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi

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  • jAh

    Ahman Green?...

  • James Hutchinson
    James Hutchinson

    I'm surprised John Riggins' 60 yard TD run against Dallas in 1979 didn't make the list. It was a very impressive run watching someone as big as Riggins outrun the entire Dallas secondary. The best run of Riggins' career.

  • Phyliss Beebe
    Phyliss Beebe

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  • Moody Ricky Music
    Moody Ricky Music

    Miss those old Tampa bay uniforms...

  • damon washington
    damon washington

    couldn't take my eye's off


    Good job Barry Sanders should have had number one being honest

  • TheVoiceOfCOD

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!! Tell me this list included more than one Marcus Allen run. Please tell me I missed the Eric Dickerson highlight. Thurman Thomas? I missed that too?

  • Butch Logan
    Butch Logan

    Ken Stabler role out? REALLY???? Homers! He got touched by nobody faked nobody out and didn’t even change directions! Every Sanders run was better then that! Lol

  • Amber VanderGrinten
    Amber VanderGrinten

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  • Adam CleveBrowns
    Adam CleveBrowns

    If you weren’t feeling so generous, you could easily put 30-40 Barry runs in the top 100, but really enjoyable compilation nonetheless. Something from ever era and scenario. Fun watch. Thank you!

  • Gsentinel

    John Riggins number 7 are you kidding????

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith

    The time when i friggin loved football. Wouldn't miss a second of the games on Sunday. Great memories. Seemed to bring me such peace on Sunday. Even though Jesus Christ is my real peace.

  • Benjamin Baker
    Benjamin Baker

    Not a single Lamar Jackson highlight lmfao in the top 100... Probably should rethink that one.

  • Hubert Floyd
    Hubert Floyd

    #3 easily should have been #1 that run was immortalized

  • Indy Custom Made
    Indy Custom Made

    Damn OJ looked like he was killing it on those runs. He was slicing and dicing his way through that line. Like a hot knife through butter, twice. Adrian Petterson ran through the defense like they were kids that he was beating the shit out of. Wow that Michael Vick run looked like a cage full of dogs that he was beating the shit out of.

  • maxprime7

    Not one Terrell Davis run? His back-to-back in '98 against Dallas should have registered. Look it up sucka'.


    The title should instead read: Some Of The Best Runs In NFL History

  • Mark Daniel
    Mark Daniel

    Some were more like poor tackling than great runs. Derrick Henry definitely deserves to be on even the shortest list. Bo Jackson had a lot of great plays,especially considering the shortened career.

  • Ariel Leshem
    Ariel Leshem

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  • Christopher Dye
    Christopher Dye

    Elway helicopter run is low at 62 but I enjoyed the video

  • Uptown Dadeboi
    Uptown Dadeboi

    Good list just missing the Ricky Williams 1 shoe touchdown run

  • M PA
    M PA

    If you do another please include the Lions Billy Sims.

  • cityofchamps66

    OJ has the greatest run ever, he still hasn't been charged with murder

  • ChapstickCereal

    Me seeing DeShaun Foster highlight: *"now that's a name I've not heard in a long time."*

  • MyEnemy

    Napoleon Kaufman was so fast. He's not as well known as some of these other guys, but man, he could move.

  • Joeminor702

    How dare you put Henry on this list and not nick chubb? No Kevin Mack? No Eric metcslf? Must be a Steelers fan

  • Ibrahim Rabadi
    Ibrahim Rabadi

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  • jeff hathaway
    jeff hathaway

    Yeah, that's a good collection of a lot of great runs. To be clear though, there was also a good deal of sloppy tackling going on there, which I suppose is also just part of the game.

  • Martin Whalley
    Martin Whalley

    I like how they mixed the legendary with the contemporary

  • Martin Whalley
    Martin Whalley

    The soundtrack too

  • Martin Whalley
    Martin Whalley

    The call on all these games was superlative. I remember the call more than the actual play, "Because RT3 is going all the way!"

  • Doug Amundson
    Doug Amundson

    I'm not even going to watch this. I bet 90% or so are from 19080 or later. Anyone want to argue?

  • deadseamonster

    Good video, but honestly I could show you at least 5 Priest Holmes runs that should be in there. Priest Holmes, for whatever reason, has been almost completely forgotten. He had the 3 best consecutive seasons in NFL history.

  • P. M.
    P. M.

    Marcus effin Allen!!! RN4L

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    #12 was blind on APs run, just had to throw one block

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    OJ was insane on the field and off

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    That Charles run was so sick

  • Xavier Ackers
    Xavier Ackers

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  • Rooster Cogburn
    Rooster Cogburn

    I have so many favorites over my century on this planet, but I never get tired of Walter Payton, what a hell of a player and human being! All these guys are great!

  • Rooster Cogburn
    Rooster Cogburn

    This is great!

  • dezz nutz
    dezz nutz

    I think Eric Dickerson may be upset being left off this list, but good collection nonetheless.

  • M23ZY Fasho
    M23ZY Fasho

    So kap run vs gb didn’t make it ?

  • Shota Tor
    Shota Tor

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    The fact that there isnt a single lamar jackson run in this list is disrespectful

  • Josh Mccartney
    Josh Mccartney

    so kenny stabler makes 79 for running straight an falling in the endzone lol the hell theres thousands of runs thT couldve replaced that one lol

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin

    As a Raider fan, i gotta say that Napoleon Kaufman could have been one of the greats if he didnt fold his knee 90 degrees the wrong way. Also, the early 2000s has to be one of the golden ages for running backs. To name a few i remember, Eddie George, Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes, Ahman Green, Alstott/Dunn, Marshall Faulk, Edgerin James, Jerome Bettis, Ricky Williams, im sure theres more but it seems every team had a big, fast workhorse running back.

  • The Ræl Dingø
    The Ræl Dingø

    Beast quake at one is perfect. That run gives me chills every time I see it.

  • Richard Motroni
    Richard Motroni

    I was personally at number 5 and number 4 all-time runs. Great memories.

  • Charles Winfield
    Charles Winfield

    Also, where is Shane Falco's run?

  • Charles Winfield
    Charles Winfield

    An update with Lamar Jackson would be timely...

  • Greats of the Gridiron
    Greats of the Gridiron

    2 things: 1 - Bo Jackson should never be last on any list. 2 - I miss Dick Enberg's calls.

    • Greats of the Gridiron
      Greats of the Gridiron

      3 - Pat Summerall was also epic as an announcer.

  • Lucas Villanueva
    Lucas Villanueva

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  • Guppy Bill
    Guppy Bill

    Beast Mode? Yep. Well done.

  • TheRumpot76

    Can’t beat BO!!!

  • Quincy Roman
    Quincy Roman

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  • Steve Maxwell
    Steve Maxwell

    Not one run by Eric Dickinson! 🖕

  • David Hamilton
    David Hamilton

    There was a time when QBs ran the ball...

  • top kek
    top kek

    Needed way more Mike Alstott runs. I remember two that aren't here that could have easily made this list and been better than half. I kept asking myself why some of these early black and white film runs are on here that didn't look impressive at all. Did the person that made this have to impress their boomer boss? Lol

  • RoweTheBoat RTB
    RoweTheBoat RTB

    Look at O.J. slice through those defenders . . .allegedly.

  • TheRoadDawg

    Top RBs of all time (considering potential, team make-up, etc.): 1: Walter Payton 2: Bo Jackson 3: Barry Sanders 4: Billy Sims 5: Adrian Peterson 6: Earl Campbell 7: LaDainian Tomlinson 8:Jim Thorpe 9: John Riggins 10: Eric Dickerson

  • TheRoadDawg

    Appreciate the work, but the Bo 94yd run should have much higher. Especially ahead of the 1yd TD by Starr, Green Bay QB and Cams 4yd helicopter draw play.

  • Pauline George
    Pauline George

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  • Ecc12:13

    Walter Payton 1-100. You are welcome!

  • Top 5 Productions
    Top 5 Productions

    All of these great runs by QBs and Rbs and Steve Young is at number 4!!! I think Lamar had 4 better runs than that last year. Great content. Shity ranking system.

  • Gary Seymour
    Gary Seymour

    Peyton, Sanders, Dorsett, Campbell all playing during the same era. What a time to be a fan of the sport!

  • Chris Kline
    Chris Kline

    Only one run by Marcus Allen? Seriously? Whose putting these together?

  • Pierre Wagner
    Pierre Wagner

    Good job, but maybe u should see some of Greg Pruitt runs. I just knew his famous run against the rams would be on this list.

  • Gayle King, Bryana Dyches and Mary Scott Valentine
    Gayle King, Bryana Dyches and Mary Scott Valentine

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  • Kevin Schultz
    Kevin Schultz

    Yes there are some players you left off but great job!! The one thing I couldn't help but think was Sanders was wasted in Detroit. I wish he could have been on a better team.

  • Freight Train
    Freight Train

    NFL of today has forgotten what a playmaker a great back can be. They've devalued the RB position too much.

  • John Butler
    John Butler

    Would've put Lynch's a few down and brought Tony Dorsetts in top 15 if not 10 and put Bo Jacksons higher. However in truth great list. Nothing was a "NO WAY" and in truth those were all great runs.

  • John Chaney
    John Chaney

    How do you pick 100 runs and none of them are Eric Dickerson! Some other notable omissions Ricky Watters, Shaun Alexander, Chuck Foreman or Clinton Portis

  • James Jefferson
    James Jefferson

    Eric Dickerson needs to be in there somewhere. You cant have multiple 2000yd seasons and not get a highlight

  • Eugene Weeks
    Eugene Weeks

    Derrick Henry is maybe the best power back of all time. Dude is huge and runs a 4.4 with agility and power. Nasty.

  • Gregory Waymire
    Gregory Waymire

    Great film but surprised to see only one run by Gale Sayers.

  • Gr8nessnMe070

    All you TO haters better learn the game! That Hurst run was sealed by his hustle!

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