The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Live on The 2021 iHeart Radio Music Awards)
The Weeknd
The Weeknd & Ariana Grande “Save Your Tears” (Live on The 2021 iHeart Radio Music Awards)

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I saw you dancing in a crowded room
You look so happy when I’m not with you
But then you saw me caught you by surprise
A single teardrop falling from your eyes
I don’t know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Take me back cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another…
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day

Met you once under a Pisces moon
I kept my distance ‘cause I know that you
Don’t like when I’m with nobody else
I couldn’t help it, I put you through hell
I don’t know why I run away, oh boy
I make you cry when I run away
Boy take me back ‘cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
I realize that it’s much too late
And you deserve someone better

Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
I don’t know why, I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day

  • Mang Chongloi
    Mang Chongloi

    Here after 1 month... Still addicted.... 😍😘💃💃

  • FunWithAlbi

    Going pretty good 2 seconds later Oh boi What did u just say?!?!

  • claudia-michel-1959 Frey
    claudia-michel-1959 Frey


  • Mo Azril
    Mo Azril


  • Amazing World
    Amazing World

    2:12 Ariana woooooooow amazing voice

  • ᐯEᖇY ᗪIᖴᖴEᖇEᑎT
    ᐯEᖇY ᗪIᖴᖴEᖇEᑎT

    ariana lm so excited fo the voice

  • Handi Meinswift
    Handi Meinswift

    Save your tears Put them away Jars of heart You got no play Yo bitch Get gone Looking at you feels so wrong

  • Aliya Hairunnisa
    Aliya Hairunnisa


  • Aliya Hairunnisa
    Aliya Hairunnisa


  • Israel Ordaz
    Israel Ordaz

    Las 2 versiones están chidas


    ♥️ Save Your Tears 4 Another Day. ♥️ Something By Sunset Israel Time ♥️2mw Night ... ♥️ The Answer Comes By Then. ♥️Music Clears Energy. it’s A Gift 🎁 ♥️ Prepare To Shift .. 🧡

  • Dagmar Henrique
    Dagmar Henrique

    I loved it ♥️😍😍

  • Cat Valentine
    Cat Valentine

    i listen to this everyday i'm literally obsessed 🤩

  • kat

    i keep coming back to this for that daily dose of serotonin

  • Levys Luís
    Levys Luís

    Love me

  • Zeynep Kızılboğa
    Zeynep Kızılboğa

    girl in 1:07 couldn't save her tears for another day


    Lol!! Heavy rain or light rain noise are very good for the mind, because it relaxes, in addition to removing anxiety, it gives you sleep deep and delicious, I love to hear the sound of rain and the noise of the storm on the roof of the house, it's very comforting, does anyone else feel the same?!

  • Karma Ahmed Mahmoud
    Karma Ahmed Mahmoud

    Arianas voice is so beautiful ur voice is always creative and in sam and cat and in all ur songs ariana grande ;)

  • queen world
    queen world

    First performance that could get me to cry of joy 😢 😍

  • 27Glory

    Great music. But forcing people to wear masks is ridiculous. Just show the performers.

  • Lil x Mac
    Lil x Mac

    2:09 like some Mongolian throat whistling the prophecy it has begun

  • Dagmar Henrique
    Dagmar Henrique

    wow i love big ariana my dream is to meet her ♥️♥️♥️

  • Rado K
    Rado K

    Best collaboration I have ever seen.

  • Thomas Osoti
    Thomas Osoti

    who can't love that?

  • nathanangelus

    Ariana Grande is so OVERRATED !! Ok, she has vocals cords but what's the point if she can't do anything original with them ??!! She's just always making impressions of Mariah Carey... There's already one MC, what's the point ?! She should be herself !

  • Octavio Dj - Jujuy
    Octavio Dj - Jujuy

    Epic song 💪🇱🇷😎

  • michael philippot
    michael philippot

    Ariana grande est tros belle et son crie manifique

  • T1xe

    this man is a legend, even without auto tune he sounds so good man.

  • Diego Mutis
    Diego Mutis

    Bellos ambos linda colaboración letra y canción 💖

  • verifiedpig

    I like Ariana's dress very much!

  • Laila A
    Laila A


  • 𝐣𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜

    am I the only one who keeps rewinding the video to the part where Ariana grande sings that high note?

  • Maulik Patel
    Maulik Patel

    Magnificent 🙏🏻👏🏻

  • Rommel Sire
    Rommel Sire

    With Ariana grande is bad bad music🤢🤮

  • Nico Aguirre
    Nico Aguirre

    how this isn't in 1080p ??

  • Asian Stuff
    Asian Stuff

    When Ari came out, all the girls became gays. I can't 😭

  • Pamela EmGi
    Pamela EmGi

    Si me gusta

  • Lilián Domínguez
    Lilián Domínguez

    i love you):

  • Jhennifer Krisna
    Jhennifer Krisna

    Música espetacular ❤️

  • Evania Zenteno
    Evania Zenteno

    Canta maravilloso Ariana 😱 su voz es de otro planeta 🪐



  • Evelyn Lopez
    Evelyn Lopez

    This version is better than the original tbh

  • Butterfly Polacca
    Butterfly Polacca

    Love you both ❤️💯🎶


    Alguna o algunas persona saldrán contagiadas por el virus, el cubrebocas no protege al 100%, quizá sea otra estrategia más, quizá quieran disminuir la población, entre menos seamos más fácil somos de controlar y entre más separados estemos mucho mejor para ellos, ¡habrán los ojos gente! Nunca habrá una revolución sin revolución de conciencias.


  • Babelyn Dorias
    Babelyn Dorias

    I'm inlooove ♥️♥️♥️

  • Edu Enríquez
    Edu Enríquez

    Gracias Julio 202✌🏽!!!

  • Josh Barrow
    Josh Barrow

    It takes real talent to sound like the studio recording, and they both fucking nail this

  • AvesWorld


  • Ivan Altamiranda
    Ivan Altamiranda

    Son tan enormeees!

  • Michael Link
    Michael Link

    1:06 lol

  • Nuno Rios
    Nuno Rios

    not even him can handle it lmao

  • Vale 792
    Vale 792

    Bellissimi 😍😍❤❤💎💎

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    Imagine wanting Ariana to run away

  • Horatiu Matei
    Horatiu Matei

    The rythm is copied from "Wham! - Last Christmas" with highter tempo, my opinion.

  • WaRRior29 Grom
    WaRRior29 Grom

    All dhis covid-19 is biggest bolshit only idiot believe tv

  • Animalska YT
    Animalska YT

    WOW 😯😍

  • Okwumbor Solomon
    Okwumbor Solomon

    The chemistry between the two is insane. The smile. Voice. Connection. Everything. 100%.

  • Miriam Gutierrez
    Miriam Gutierrez

    Save tears for another dayyyyyyyyy 😔👍

  • cAt

    Please add this to Spotify

  • Learn music with Liv
    Learn music with Liv

    I love the part of Ariana’s whistle voice... it made me cry!

  • Vihan Sharma
    Vihan Sharma

    Crowd is awesome

  • h&t

    God Damn 💜💔🖤

  • 악플 사냥꾼
    악플 사냥꾼

    NO 1.🥇🥇🥇

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    Los 2 son una 🔫 , mas la belleza de ariana

  • Lucca Pimentel
    Lucca Pimentel

    The Ariana high note... omg 😍😍😍

  • Vinesh Mohan
    Vinesh Mohan

    So effortless the high notes and whistle

  • Miguelangel_96

    Fof que pecuequero

  • NickClips


  • Ky Wilson
    Ky Wilson

    That note at 2:13 WOW!

  • Mark

    Here before 50M views🤍

  • Orlando Arellano
    Orlando Arellano

    50M Let's Go

  • Liad Shaul
    Liad Shaul

    The perfect duo I didn’t taught we need

  • Jeeya Bajwa
    Jeeya Bajwa

    what happened to Ari's arm tats

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    • h&t

      👌🏻👌🏻 glad you are enjoying the beauty of this amazing song too 💕💕💕

  • Levys Luís
    Levys Luís

    Love me



  • daithi

    She has the body of a 12 year old...

    • h&t

      And not sure what that's got to do with the magik of this performance and their clear talent. I dont like the word talent, but that's stating facts.

    • h&t

      She has it happening then, coz whens she 80, she'll be poppin 😉😎👌🏻

    • daithi

      @Hanna are you stupid?She has a body like a child...

    • notThatBad411

      What are the similarities between her body and a twelve year old’s body? 🧐

    • Hanna

      Umm wtf

  • bright

    i love this duo , goddddddd

  • Martin Nthuni
    Martin Nthuni

    This collaboration is amazing

  • steve costner
    steve costner


  • steve costner
    steve costner

    I feel like the weekend and Arianna Grande (I hope I spelled that right sorry if I didn’t) are like best friends

  • Alessandra Moura
    Alessandra Moura

    Cantam DEMAIS👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Anderson Zagato
    Anderson Zagato

    Ótima música vai ser sucesso no brasil

  • Lizbeth Macias
    Lizbeth Macias

    No se el idioma inglés, pero es importante como sentir esa sensación de la piel chinita, son unos grandes artistas ariana su manera de cantas notas me impresiona su voz de silbido es increíble es la mejor espero un día poder aprender su idioma para escuchar la letra felicidades desde México 🇲🇽

  • Esthera Câmpean
    Esthera Câmpean


  • nini

    this is beautiful

  • Israel Velasquez
    Israel Velasquez

    yo solo digo que ellos dos cantan tan hermoso que automaticamente vuelvo a reproducir este video una y otra vez... y me contagia esa energia del publico que bailan y cantan al ritmo de the weeknd y ariana grande hermosos los dos

  • Nacho Nuñez
    Nacho Nuñez

    Ariana's voice is like reaching the sky an listen the angels sing

  • Jabed Hossain
    Jabed Hossain

    Amazing performance

  • Ritcher Castillo
    Ritcher Castillo


  • Dirk Deichmann
    Dirk Deichmann

    This song and this awesome performance is just absolutely amazing to me! I defnitely watched this video more than 20 times already and I can still watch it over and over again! My biggest applause and congratulations to this music video! It is a piece of art indeed. Thank you so much Ariana Grande and The Weeknd! 😀👌✨👏👏👏✨

  • Danielle Laboux
    Danielle Laboux

    Das Lied ist einfach genial ich liebe es und ich könnte es jeden Tag anhören

  • Dani Avakin
    Dani Avakin

    Yeah I saw you dancing in a crowded room You look so happy when I'm not with you But then you saw me, caught you by surprise A single teardrop falling from your eye I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away You could have asked me why I broke your heart You could've told me that you fell apart But you walked past me like I wasn't there And just pretended like you didn't care I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away Take me back 'cause I wanna stay Save your tears for another Save your tears for another day Save your tears for another day So I made you think that I would always stay I said some things that I should never say Yeah, I broke your heart like someone did to mine And now you won't love me for a second time I don't know why I run away Oh girl, I make you cry when I run away Girl, take me back 'cause I wanna stay Save your tears for another I realize that I'm much too late And you deserve someone better Save your tears for another day (ooh, yeah) Save your tears for another day (yeah) I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away Save your tears for another day, ooh girl (ah) I said save your tears for another day, yeah (ah) Save your tears for another day (ah) Save your tears for another day (ah)

  • Amir Shainsky
    Amir Shainsky

    48.9 million views

  • marga Diaz
    marga Diaz

    Los amo tanto

2,8 мил