Producer Reacts to Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u

  • Blake McLain
    Blake McLain

    Join the discord! Also, HUGEE Paramore and Avril Lavigne vibes Also, the movie is Jennifer's Body

    • Kyro Gaming
      Kyro Gaming

      The other RSwillr also said the Jennifer's body vibe

    • Otaku Life
      Otaku Life

      YES I knew as soon as you said early 2000s!

    • Kornchal SUWANPRATEEP
      Kornchal SUWANPRATEEP


    • Joshua Payapag
      Joshua Payapag

      YAZZZZ JENNIFERS BODY, after watching the music video. I rewatched the movie hahah 😹

    • AnonymousMashups

      This song also gives me Demi Lovato vibes from her Don’t Forget and Here We Go Again albums, and it also reminds me of Bubblegum Bitch by Marina, and for some reason the melody of the chorus reminds me of Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max (the chord progressions are exactly the same in the chorus), but yes I DEFINITELY hear Avril Lavigne and Paramore vibes in this too!!!

  • jules duran
    jules duran

    ITS JENNIFERS BODY !!! cmon blake 😫

  • Arifa Patel
    Arifa Patel

    This gave me huge Avril Lavigne vibes and I absolutely love it!

    • Arifa Patel
      Arifa Patel

      Haha I saw Blake's pinned comment after I commented, but I was shocked he didn't make that reference in the video so I had to get it out there lol

  • Samuel

    react to the weeknd and ariana grande live performance of save your tears and transparent soul by willow smith

  • JTL

    Kinda like Avril Lavigne no?

  • Evie170

    Producer Dan Nigro used to be in an indie-rock band As Tall As Lions and is helping Olivia to usher in the long awaited rock revival! :D The end of the video is a reference to the cult classic film 'Jennifer's Body.' :)

  • qtkf

    react to Holiday by KSI?

  • Anna S
    Anna S

    Btw, the cheese 2000's horror movie you were thinking of was "Jennifer's Body" and it was clearly the inspiration behind this music video - the way she's dressed, the red gleam in her eyes at the end, etc. :)

  • ramen is my life
    ramen is my life


  • Ohits Bre
    Ohits Bre

    Olivia is becoming my fav artisttttt

  • Kratos SHit
    Kratos SHit

    8:00 is it Jennifer's body by Megan fox ?

  • BoomShocks

    I grew up in the early 2000s and have next to no knowledge about current popular music. But what ever Olivia Rodrigo does next I'm all ears. The AvrilxParamorexPrettyReckless vibes from this are amazing, it's the closest thing to an expertly produced pop-punk song in 15 years. Hopefully she can carry this album into a great career. She's got the potential to be one of the modern greats, it's just whether she keeps pushing the bar or if she falls into generic Billboard pop. I just hope she stays away from a Dua Lipa/Ariana Grande style career and goes more as a solo artist like Billie Eilish is doing. Prove you dont need a million featuring artists and a team of 15 writers.

  • 84 Pavithran
    84 Pavithran

    I come every time for 2:21

  • Jay Sav
    Jay Sav

    Blake where are those shirts from? They're 🔥

  • Anthony Patronick
    Anthony Patronick

    unwatchable. why pause the video every 6 seconds?

  • Nathali Toapanta
    Nathali Toapanta

    Same reaction when I hear the guitar riff!

  • Pål OgDi
    Pål OgDi

    copy paste Paramore :D

  • Timoteo Frascaroli
    Timoteo Frascaroli

    It sounds like Avril Lavigne, but a little more "classical rock"

  • Jooordii14

    It’s crazy how a 17yr old can make 31year old me relate to a song and scream at the top of my lungs in my car when I sing this.

  • sese.s


  • dallon

    i love to see alt/pop rock on the charts again, i really hope she brings rock back to the mainstream

  • yes

    Anyone else think that 3 chord progression at the end of the chorus sounds like welcome to paradise? Like the bass tone sounds exactly like mike dirnts from the early 90s

  • Shallow Truth
    Shallow Truth

    Hayley Williams actually helped in producing the album as a whole, so a lot of these songs (especially Good 4 U) sound somewhat like early Paramore which I personally LOVE and tbh I was just as excited as you when the beat dropped my first time listening 😂😂 Edit; oh and the reference to Jennifers body is just chefs kiss. Makes the whole thing an early 2000’s situation lol

  • aragorn4242

    She's reminding me of Avril Lavigne !!

  • Maya M
    Maya M

    Was it John Tucker Must Die?

  • Kumo Noir
    Kumo Noir

    Your "Good for her" made my day! :D

  • Jako Farn
    Jako Farn

    This song is better than butter Good 4 u is good lyrics

  • Jeff Makes Films
    Jeff Makes Films

    Nice video reaction Blake! I made a few similar comparisons in my video reaction to this song. Loved your energy and reaction to hearing the chorus for the first time! It's such a great song!

  • Tracey Claver
    Tracey Claver

    Misery Business anyone? No?

  • Rebecca Webb
    Rebecca Webb

    Jennifer's Body

  • Sydney Barlow
    Sydney Barlow

    Please please please react to traitor/burn mashup!!! It’s PHENOMENAL and I bet you have a lot of expertise to add to it!

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    Im glad her and mgk are bringing back this genre

  • Owen Hirst
    Owen Hirst

    I don’t know if anyone else has said this but an MGK feature on a song like this would be fucking amazing

  • Dominik

    Watching your songs reaction make these songs sound different

  • Michelle Littlefield
    Michelle Littlefield

    Was the movie swinfan

  • Oishika Saha
    Oishika Saha

    This song brings back memories of singers like Avril Lavigne, Hillary Duff and 2000s Taylor Swift. I loved it! I missed this!

  • daarzitwatin

    Olivia: I spent the night, crying on the floor of my bathroom. Blake: *smiles intensely*

  • Harry Cowling
    Harry Cowling

    Anyone else think the fact that the chord progression is identical to misery business in the chorus kinda takes away from the hype

  • Danhiel Vargas
    Danhiel Vargas

    Reaction Electric by Katy Perry please!


    this is so off topic but cool background

  • McLain Hunter
    McLain Hunter

    Jennifer’s Body???? Is that what he’s talking about?


    you should react to machine gun kelly's forget me too ft. halsey

  • Aaliyah Velazquez
    Aaliyah Velazquez

    Thank you I NEEDED some one to do this

  • Karla Rivera
    Karla Rivera

    Giving me Avril and Paramore vibes I LOVE IT lmao it brings me back to me teenage years

  • beatriz saade
    beatriz saade

    i swear i come back here every single day just to see blake's reaction to the chorus

  • Imani Clark
    Imani Clark

    Jennifer’s Body

  • azure2001

    i feel like she is next generation taylor swift

  • Ojasvi Gupta
    Ojasvi Gupta

    The last scene of the song reminded of "The Haunting of Bly Manor" web series it was soooo awesomeee i cried my eyes out🤧

  • Megan Brick
    Megan Brick

    Yes! I was in my early 20s when pop punk was everywhere...I LOVE this.

  • Peacewell Dkhar
    Peacewell Dkhar

    The Talking Singing She Got it from Taylor 😊😊

  • gotja

    The nanana you went on was def blink 182 lol

  • Logeshwaran J
    Logeshwaran J

    Olivia : good 4 u.. Blake : good 4 her....

  • Hira A.G
    Hira A.G

    This song gave me a Camp Rock vibe and I like it so much + I just want to say your style look like Joe Jonas here, your hair and beard 🧔

  • Richard Sampras
    Richard Sampras

    wow!! what camera is this guy using

  • abl

    Your reaction made my day

  • Rudra Garg
    Rudra Garg

    Olivia-overrated in every song except this song

  • Meryl Simmons
    Meryl Simmons

    Jennifer’s body is the movie. This is like if manic pixie dream girl became the crazy ex girlfriend…manic pixie ex girlfriend. The lyrics are smart, there’s a story to the song and music video (giving me Paramore meets MCR meets Fall Out Boy with a bit of Charlie XCX) and it’s just a good fucking song no matter who sings or covers the song. I think artists are sometimes concerned with making a big hit; they want a lemonade or folklore. They want a Someone like you; that’s great but sometimes you just want a song to rock out too! You want a I’m not Okay (I Promise) or a Misery Business; you just want The Anthem (if you know this song, you’re a real one and I love you deeply). You just want a “Fuck you and your high horse” banger.

  • Rando With internet
    Rando With internet

    I still haven’t seen anyone put together all the references to Jennifer’s Body

    • lilbox

      Finally someone realized it's bases on Jennifer's Body! Good 4 you. Thank you.

  • aiden

    2:43 wait how did he know I did that

  • Lynne

    The movie you were probably thinking of was jennifers body the fires, the red eyes, her looking in the mirror, the gymnasium, and the lake are all referencing to jennifers body the cheerleaders uniforms are also the same ones from princess diaries

  • Goo


  • yuno.gasai 02
    yuno.gasai 02

    That song speaks to my fucking soul

  • Lara Kristin
    Lara Kristin

    This is EXACTLY how I reacted ^^ I was so excited that the 2000s are back!

  • R_P

    I clipped the end of this song on the radio a few weeks ago and thought it was Paramore.

  • Chris Pruitt
    Chris Pruitt

    The end reminds me of “Jennifer’s Body”

  • AK E
    AK E

    man your eyes are too hot

  • the jeina
    the jeina

    pls reaction txt new song 0X1 : I know I love you from hybe labels (bts brothers)

  • Cee esS LordLander
    Cee esS LordLander

    Reminds me of beautiful day chorus

  • zeze

    your reaction made me feel your excitement. i’m loving the 2000’s pop punk sound coming back

  • PJ Lenz
    PJ Lenz

    This reaction was everything 🥺💛 OH HELL YEA!

  • Liberty Tacay
    Liberty Tacay

    hi can you try to make a reaction to the album AM by Arctic Monkeys (its one of my favorites album)

  • Monica Herrera
    Monica Herrera

    8:08 Jennifer’s body?

  • Ren

    is no one gonna mention "brutal" tho??

    • Ren

      @grateful shiiiiiit, you right

    • grateful

      brutal wasnt out when this was filmed dummy

  • Buzzray09


  • Mira P
    Mira P

    1:53 the bass gives me Billie Eilish vibes, don't know which song but I could swear that there is a similar bass somewhere.

  • gaby alvelo
    gaby alvelo

    this video literally made my day

  • Harry X
    Harry X

    This is definitely the song that gets the crowed absolutely fired up and jumping around I so want to let loose to this song.

  • Jose Daniel Gorospe
    Jose Daniel Gorospe

    Hi could you please try to check out Conan Gray (Kid Krow or Astronomy).

  • flapjackalopis711

    Every one of us that went through our teens in the 90s or early 2000s listening to this feeling STOKED for the return of alt/pop punk 😌 i agree...FINALLY

  • andybreadstixk

    She sang this live on SNL, please go watch it!

  • Kylee

    Please react to Niall Horan and Anne Marie’s new song, “Our Song”

  • Jasper Codillo
    Jasper Codillo

    Reminds me of Misery Business by Paramore, great song tho!

  • Roni Marques
    Roni Marques

    Please, react Lady Gaga's STUCK ON F*CKIN'YOU!!! Congratulations for your job!!!

  • Missy Potato
    Missy Potato

    Please react to a cover of ‘As the world caves in’ which the cover is done by Sarah Cothran

  • Christeeeeeeny

    Jennifer's Body!

  • valentina vitor
    valentina vitor


  • yge ace
    yge ace

    This kind of genre needs to comeback. Olivia is bringin it back. I love her.

    • Jim Bob
      Jim Bob

      Mgk as well

    • miracle maker
      miracle maker

      It's like how britney brought back teen pop with her debut album back in the late 90s

  • yge ace
    yge ace

    This songis my anthem even though Im not on the process of moving on lol

  • Singingluver01

    Reminds me of Jennifer’s Body

  • Lucas Monte
    Lucas Monte

    i think you need to do a react to transparent soul by WILLOW

  • Patrick Cox
    Patrick Cox

    Jeniffer s Body maybe

  • Rayyana Suleiman
    Rayyana Suleiman

    He’s so proud it’s adorable 🥰

  • RISKrobert

    She was popping before driver’s license

  • Regy

    React to Dream- Mask please

  • Camila Bearzi
    Camila Bearzi

    you're so cute!

  • V

    i totally get why Blake was so excited hear some pop-punk finaaally, not that i didn't enjoy the songs with the disco vibe and all that but it was getting really old that every mainstream artist used that formula last year

  • Teya Nop
    Teya Nop

    please watch the SNL live performance 😩

  • Lance Chea
    Lance Chea

    It reminds you of Jennifer’s Body especially the ending. !!

  • Claire Abel
    Claire Abel

    She has the pop punk sound without the image. Love the sound, but i would also love to see her go full out with the style and image as well

  • Melanie Harms
    Melanie Harms

    It was supposed to be Jennifer’s body