OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱
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  • ratih rodiah
    ratih rodiah


  • Alida Patzan
    Alida Patzan


  • kshitiz Sharma
    kshitiz Sharma

    If she was a indian mom she slaps her child 4 to 5 times

  • Arnani Aja
    Arnani Aja


  • Jana Jana
    Jana Jana


  • Mo?zhamad Saharil Bin Tumiran
    Mo?zhamad Saharil Bin Tumiran


  • Гульнар Касенова
    Гульнар Касенова


  • Jasur Usmanovicn
    Jasur Usmanovicn


  • Segametsi Yster
    Segametsi Yster

    What a lie this is from 5 minute crafts liar👎

  • Brittany Vankirk
    Brittany Vankirk

    Kid cuts mom's hair mom here's a toy yay you cut my hair off my mom me cuts mom's her slap your bad go in the corner

  • margaret njoka
    margaret njoka


    • margaret njoka
      margaret njoka

      Can I come

  • itsmeSarah

    Her mom: smiles🥲 My mom: i made u a bed of rugs outside😘 enjoy❤ sleep well💞

  • ABOJAFAR Abojafar
    ABOJAFAR Abojafar


  • Hammad Shaikh
    Hammad Shaikh


  • Lecretia

    Whats this gonna do you still gonna have to cut your hair

  • Фатима Хамхоева
    Фатима Хамхоева


  • Dj Diska
    Dj Diska


  • Frank Hermie Sembrano
    Frank Hermie Sembrano


  • Bebe çeyiz Sarayı Dursun Yılmaz
    Bebe çeyiz Sarayı Dursun Yılmaz


  • LeRafaleur2.0


  • Amber Hong
    Amber Hong

    R.I.P HAIR

  • Deq Mas
    Deq Mas

    Hey kid you are so face

  • Sujata jaiwar
    Sujata jaiwar

    My mom reaction is terrible if I do this type fu*king thing My mom on me with jhadoo like tappa tappa 😂

  • gwen angie lie
    gwen angie lie

    Imagine a kid smarter than a dad

  • Sylwia Wycislak
    Sylwia Wycislak


  • Martin Salgado Cortéz
    Martin Salgado Cortéz

    En donde te ntp fundición vino hAberlo dan de la ventana de mi vida te dejo por que no ex cuñado iva ver vernos ehh que

  • Lusi Duran
    Lusi Duran

    aeczxbnmoiurew y no te an jajajaj. Te amo y

  • Lusi Duran
    Lusi Duran

    Hola hermano te adjunto el trabajo de

  • Ronald Pascual
    Ronald Pascual

    The kid: *cuts her moms hair off * The mom: SMILE DONT BE ANGRY GIVE HER TOY THEN HEHE 😰 Me: 😨 SAVAGE 😨

  • It's Nastyaa
    It's Nastyaa

    А с волосами что делать

  • Cadence Naidoo
    Cadence Naidoo

    Omg u cut my hair here's a toy for u

  • jewly lab dog 🥰
    jewly lab dog 🥰


  • JK's flower
    JK's flower

    Everyone: kid cuts mom's hair and mom gives her toy Me: dad needs to brush his teeth 😩😩

  • Alisson Diane Vazquez Torres
    Alisson Diane Vazquez Torres

    Son unas muy buenas ideas 👍😄👍

  • Ketley Oliveira
    Ketley Oliveira


  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    The second one: When your kid smarter than you

  • funtime bonnie animation dc2
    funtime bonnie animation dc2

    Primeiro pq ela cortou o cabelo da mãe?

  • Roger Cole
    Roger Cole

    (kid)cuts mom hair off (mom)*smile really not smiling*

  • Баймагамбетова Диана
    Баймагамбетова Диана


  • Antoni Perez
    Antoni Perez

    Ahsly 👏👏👏🖒🖒

  • Tinah Alapola
    Tinah Alapola


  • ivanram jz
    ivanram jz

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeee weyes oWueyas

  • ivanram jz
    ivanram jz

    Por qué lo suben si està en RSwillR

  • Lis Lares
    Lis Lares


  • Alvaro Zaragoza
    Alvaro Zaragoza

    Nomás utiliza la niña para que le desenrollar los cables porque no lo hizo él

  • Lorrany Martins
    Lorrany Martins

    Eu sigo vocés

  • Tonanzin Aguilar Reyes
    Tonanzin Aguilar Reyes

    Wow u think i can say omg ur girl cut ur hair i so im not saing it

  • Hydro Ponik
    Hydro Ponik


  • el monstruo abajo de tu cama
    el monstruo abajo de tu cama


  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres

    My mom would smack me

  • Chenell Gabourel
    Chenell Gabourel

    Yay I like the way

  • Mary Ghebrehiwet
    Mary Ghebrehiwet


  • Lemon_ Edits101
    Lemon_ Edits101

    Kid: cuts off hair Mom: wait did you cut my hair? No problem i will make you toy

  • Mario Joan
    Mario Joan

    Kid: cuts hair Mom:smiles Kid: FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT

  • Jose Flavio
    Jose Flavio

    TdgSa s5wFAJSU 36R

  • Just a page🖤
    Just a page🖤

    Us kids are good at untangling

  • Diana Laynes
    Diana Laynes

    Kid: Iam bored cuts mom hair

  • Lindy Lonsberry
    Lindy Lonsberry


  • لطيفة

    واو روعة الاولة

  • Claudia Ribeiro
    Claudia Ribeiro

    Oi 7

  • Jennifer Trusty
    Jennifer Trusty

    The mom let the kid cut her hair

  • AestheticJoon-gi

    Its from 5 minutes craft faker

  • khaled omar
    khaled omar

    I swear to God, this mother bears

  • Samia Mohamed
    Samia Mohamed

    Are we gonna talk about the mom didnt even care that she cut her hair

  • dudaaa Ferreira
    dudaaa Ferreira

    Se alguem cortace meu cabelo o coitado da pessoa

  • Bholanath Mahadev
    Bholanath Mahadev


  • Marisa Soria
    Marisa Soria

    La niña sabe mas que yo

  • la diversion de meli y julieta
    la diversion de meli y julieta

    2 M de like 😳😯😮😦😧

  • Caroline Oliveira
    Caroline Oliveira


  • Kirti Binda
    Kirti Binda

    my mind: how is she not dead?😣

  • α૯ʍy gђτઽ૮ シɨ ʟoveγou
    α૯ʍy gђτઽ૮ シɨ ʟoveγou

    Para que existe boneca???

  • Safete Islami
    Safete Islami


  • Silvana S
    Silvana S


  • Karsyn Luckey
    Karsyn Luckey

    Anddd ur saying cutting hair is ok??????? Wow what a great mom

  • Aleiya McIntosh
    Aleiya McIntosh

    Omg 😱 she know how to untangle gee I need her

  • Croyance Mabumbi
    Croyance Mabumbi

    Wow nice

  • Hiba Anabtawi
    Hiba Anabtawi


  • Maeya Sanghera
    Maeya Sanghera

    This still doesn’t fix the fact that half ur hair is gone! 😱


    If I cut my mother hair my mother will not let me in my house 🏡

  • Marinez Batista
    Marinez Batista


  • Juna Ghimire
    Juna Ghimire


  • ༻ValenIsAsimp༺

    And this is one more reason I'm not having children They are annoying the girl literally cutted her mother's hair

  • Edwillian Silva
    Edwillian Silva

    Que bonitinha menininha ajudou o papai mamãe uma família para ela bonitinhas né

  • Anujin Enkhzorig
    Anujin Enkhzorig

    Having trouble with tangle wires the solution is child labor

  • Tajul Eira
    Tajul Eira

    I love home

  • jana vecerkova
    jana vecerkova

    Pz165l Roblox



  • 20번째 예쁜 구독자 찾는 로웰❦{LOWELL}
    20번째 예쁜 구독자 찾는 로웰❦{LOWELL}

    왜지 왜 첫번째꺼 가지고 싶지

  • Nysasart

    Kid : cuts hair Mom : doesn't do anything but just makes a toy for her U just spoiled ur own kid good job ☺

  • Goldi Rai
    Goldi Rai

    If I did the first one to my mom... It will be the last day of my life🤣🤣then I will go the better place than the earth called heaven 🧖🏻‍♀️ such a peace in the place I will get, I hope I will find kids those who killed by their parents for the funny reason🤣🤣🤣

  • Nadine Promberger
    Nadine Promberger

    Die coolste idde

  • katy blancas
    katy blancas

    Me seeing little girl cut her mother hair how she still alive

  • Ashia Williams
    Ashia Williams

    If little me cut my mommy's hair she will get me so that's why little me knows better

2,8 мил
2,8 мил