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Directed by Petra Collins
Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  • Max Scarrow
    Max Scarrow

    This song has ruined HighSchool musical the series season 2

  • Gene Ramos
    Gene Ramos

    I ❤️Olivia I watched her bizarvark

  • Zeus - Odin Chiefs
    Zeus - Odin Chiefs

    2000s vibes

  • K. Khate
    K. Khate

    Fun facts : All of Olivia's songs are M (million) views 🤧🤧😊

  • Sumi Taherunnesa
    Sumi Taherunnesa

    But why is this video so low quality..? Yeh I am stupid :>

  • Kujuser

    She is making big bucks of this sheeeèeeeeeesh

  • Elizabeth Advika Eugine
    Elizabeth Advika Eugine

    I loved her sarcasm and her sarcastic face!

  • sarah ۝ ͒
    sarah ۝ ͒

    I really like it your cutes song 🦊 your like a mean girl but it a song I love thhis I am going to edit this

  • Safiya Rehman
    Safiya Rehman

    I don't stan her too much but this song is on repeat baby

  • Random person of the internet
    Random person of the internet

    All her songs are just her bitching in a really good vocal tune. Like the songs are good and the lyrics fit bit it’s literally just her complaining about how shes the problem lmao

  • j.u.l.i.a

    my god this song is very good!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yummy Food
    Yummy Food

    Lorde upgraded version

  • Eliannah Nguyen
    Eliannah Nguyen

    As much controversy and whatever this song created The music isn’t personally my favorite but the editing is really good I like the whole vibe

  • Digbuny Lopez
    Digbuny Lopez


  • Eyvette Williams
    Eyvette Williams

    im about to turn into her .one more heartbreak.

  • ♤☆bobatea☆♤

    Music: good Music vid: cringe and uncomfortable

  • Grizzlybear2470

    Pretty catchy song

  • Brook_Queen278

    Ik that Olivia will never see this but I was just recently dumped and she help me so much but this song helped the most it’s just amazing and and she gave me hope and I’m doing a lot better

  • Taorui Huang
    Taorui Huang

    How can someone hurt such a precious girl 😭?

  • Bhoomika Gupta
    Bhoomika Gupta

    I feel lucky to break up when this song was around lol🤣😂

  • Infinity

    Are you good

  • Blackpink Forever
    Blackpink Forever

    olivia rodrido is the only singer who can bring back 2000s vibe in her song

  • That foo Ace
    That foo Ace

    I'm glad people are still making music like this. 2000s AREN'T DEAD YET!!!!!

  • billiam bennedy
    billiam bennedy

    every song is the about the same thing yo

  • Saff Amber
    Saff Amber


  • Fowler and Kyla
    Fowler and Kyla

    The brand new phone!

  • OL

    Hellooo ❤️ I hate this song so much

  • Vivian Gomes
    Vivian Gomes

    Olivia Rodrigo is the new ariana Grande

  • Eduardo Santos Espinoza
    Eduardo Santos Espinoza


  • Jaelynn Candelario
    Jaelynn Candelario

    me*knowing that this song is for joshua basset*

  • Youtuber

    This is my favourite song of hers for sure. This is such a steady track too. 😀

  • Lowkey Giving up
    Lowkey Giving up

    Just bought the Samsung Flip cuz of this video. I had no choice I had too! 😭

  • Miranda Tobiness
    Miranda Tobiness

    This is the first time I've listened to this song. Just starting.

    • Miranda Tobiness
      Miranda Tobiness

      This is rather a good song. Holy hell 😳

  • Jennifer

    This video brought to you by…. 🤣

  • Douglas nnts
    Douglas nnts

    Who else can listen to this song 100 times over, and still be obsessed

  • Douglas nnts
    Douglas nnts

    Who else can listen to this song 100 times over, and still be obsessed

  • Aspect lol
    Aspect lol

    She look like Addison ray

  • Cedar Flags
    Cedar Flags

    She’s basically this generation’s Alanis Morissette! They both have these split personalities where at one point they’ll be sad about an ex, and then super man and looking revenge in the next verse. Edit: just realized she took inspiration from alanis. Isn’t that ironic? :)

  • chips with nutrela play
    chips with nutrela play

    Bueno 4 u

  • Nat A
    Nat A

    oh PLEASE know the vibes to the movie Jennifer's Body & the sample of Paramore's song "Misery Business", PLEASE this is wy I canNOT stop listening to this song

  • Jaruwat Rakthumsakul
    Jaruwat Rakthumsakul

    I really like the hook of this song,It’s smell like Panic at the disco 💕

  • Knoll Buddy
    Knoll Buddy

    I was playing radio roulette today trying to find something new that rocks, Man this is great! The video is fantastic! Thanks for making an old man smile!

  • Johnathon Rulys
    Johnathon Rulys

    The football tho

  • Nicki Minaj x Bini
    Nicki Minaj x Bini

    I don’t like u

    • hyawii 세♡
      hyawii 세♡

      Than go away?

    • Jayakumar Thankaiah
      Jayakumar Thankaiah

      We also don't like u 😉


    I like love🥺🧘🏻‍♀️.

  • K React TV
    K React TV

    This song will be remembered forever, just like Paramore's Still into you. ❤

  • Dallas Nichols
    Dallas Nichols

    Jennifers Body at the end there

  • Seetian Wachirawit
    Seetian Wachirawit

    I'm already addicted to all Olivia's Song ackkk


    wow i really slept on how talented this girl is

  • Pizza Cat gaming
    Pizza Cat gaming

    nice walmart music



  • Itzel gallardo
    Itzel gallardo


  • Master Yourself
    Master Yourself

    This song has some avril lavinge vibes , i love it , make 2000's music great again!

  • Crimson Rouge
    Crimson Rouge

    so i put 1:08 in 0.25 speed and um yeah just see for yourself

  • Brooklyn Banks
    Brooklyn Banks

    can not stop putting the song on loop.. lol... she is so good at expressing breakup in a song.. ;)

  • gotmefked up1
    gotmefked up1

    This shit is so trash she is so overrated

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez

    Tan fea esta canción

  • gotmefked up1
    gotmefked up1

    this is gassssss without the g

  • gotmefked up1
    gotmefked up1

    shits fire on mute

  • Layane Aquino
    Layane Aquino

    Essa música é tudo ❤️

  • Kharenina Isabel
    Kharenina Isabel

    This is my fav song

  • Surf-The Wave
    Surf-The Wave

    rswill.info/one/video/zWdsvoq-f4F1zX0.html 🌀🔥🌀

  • Saige Woods
    Saige Woods


  • ariiana

    “i found a new song’’ “good 4 yoauuuuuuuu”

  • Taunya Blanco
    Taunya Blanco

    OMG you are so beautiful

  • Anime~gamers

    I love this song your are a angel and your music is amazing plz notice me Olivia! 🥺❤️

  • sherry Bussiere
    sherry Bussiere

    Imma boy yet I still luv this song

    • mr failure
      mr failure

      what does you gender have to do with anything

  • anonima


  • Khanda Bis Kota
    Khanda Bis Kota

    wow very impressive I'm from Indonesia, surprised to see this

  • B0BBYB0l the 1st
    B0BBYB0l the 1st

    i don't know why but i just love this song

  • Malfi88

    This is the story of a girl who drives a car after burning her boyfriends house down

    • Superkids

      Drives away after burning it

  • Ty Buchanan
    Ty Buchanan

    Goatedd 2:40

  • Names_jay_man

    This girl made this song?? Never would've guessed from Disney actress to music maker

  • Allan Angeles
    Allan Angeles

    Pues yo vengo de la historia de bad bunny.

  • Damion Arellano
    Damion Arellano

    i just wanna chance with her honestly i think i can treat her right

    • G Money
      G Money

      shes not going to have inter of course with you (god i hate youtube censors)

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande


  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande


  • Allan Angeles
    Allan Angeles

    Tú comentario en español.

  • Eliseo Millapan
    Eliseo Millapan


  • Michayla Sayson
    Michayla Sayson

    I love him😇😇🤗🤗 Go olivia😘😘keep it up🥰🥰😇

  • lovelylady1991

    Good job

  • Maddie

    Can you do a clean song I would looooove if you did

  • Arthur Lopes
    Arthur Lopes

    Olivia Rodrigo has literally already ruled the world

  • berenice jacinto
    berenice jacinto


  • MGabi

    Menina talentosa demais

  • Indie_ Girl
    Indie_ Girl

    ohh, perfect perfect, irs my favorite song.

  • Derrick Morgan
    Derrick Morgan

    Who sensed a little Billie eilish when she said worlddddd perfect

  • Red Rex
    Red Rex

    this is just misery business from the other girls perspective.

  • Maricielo Valeria Arcaya Ticona
    Maricielo Valeria Arcaya Ticona

    i love you olivia ♫︎

  • Tim Tan Gaming
    Tim Tan Gaming

    I thought she said “ u look happy in hell, babe” 💀💀💀💀

  • Andrew Brooking
    Andrew Brooking

    Boys 2 days after breakup: the music Boys 2 weeks after breakup: the lyrics

  • karimot Yusuf
    karimot Yusuf

    She JUST Said the WHAT THE F**CK

    • karimot Yusuf
      karimot Yusuf

      She said WHAT THE F**CK

  • lumitry

    I’m not seeing any product placement disclosure? isn’t that illegal??

  • Khánh Bùi nguyễn
    Khánh Bùi nguyễn

    Look like TS so much :)))

  • Killersparkles .-.
    Killersparkles .-.

    Yes can not forget the popcorn 👏👍😌

  • Tolkieniana1

    Ok, but why? It's not like Paramore aren't still around.

  • Caroline Izaguirre
    Caroline Izaguirre

    Total paramore vibes and I love it

  • Mo Sadik
    Mo Sadik

    This song is the hit of 2021