Norwegian TV about Serbia's Eurovision song | Hurricane - LOCO LOCO | Eurovision Song Contest 2021
Norwegian TV about Serbia's Eurovision song | Hurricane - LOCO LOCO | Eurovision Song Contest 2021
Clip from: Adresse Rotterdam, Episode 3 (NRK)

Marte Stokstad ( )

Ingeborg Heldal ( )
Stian "Staysman" Thorbjørnsen ( )
Kevin Vågenes ( )
Else Kåss Furuseth ( )

People's jury:
Elisabeth Fjalsett
Jim Ø. Pedersen
Adele Hagen
Even Jacobsen

The world's biggest music show is approaching, and we present the songs and artists who will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

  • Zaklina Lina
    Zaklina Lina

    Helt uprofesjonelt og respektløst... Her observerer man manglende kultur og oppdragelse .Skam dere!

  • anjci94

    I love how this aged well, cause they were 9th in televote, top place of all bops this year. 😂

  • martin novak
    martin novak

    I wouldn't expect this from Norwegian tv ... of luck to Serbia from Slovenia

  • Di Jana
    Di Jana

    Put some more foundation on, the envy is showing.

  • srb srb
    srb srb


  • srb srb
    srb srb


  • Jovana Malesh
    Jovana Malesh

    Ovo treba bannovati na youtube, sramota.....

  • Lucian

    The sexism is strong with these ones 😬 so much about their looks and even body aesthetics... hmm. The girls were amazing and have great voices.

  • mimi osh
    mimi osh

    Alltid viktig å se med nøye hvem som kritiserer og ler av deg. I dette tilfellet er det ingen grunn for bekymring, stakkars individer som prøver å finne noe som helst å kritisere. Den ene kunne bare drømme om å kunne synge som Sanja Vucic, og den andre kunne ønske å ha noe å krølle. Så jeg skjønner frustrasjonen bak sarkasmen. Heldigvis er dere ikke representater av nordmenn, nordmenn er respektfulle, ydmyke og hyggelige! Ha-ha-ha-hurricane, idemooo!!! 🥰

  • Tamara Stanojević
    Tamara Stanojević

    You take care of your singing and dressing. You described your representative as if that presentation was seen at the competition for the first time, and you made fun of the origin of all the other songs. You talk about how Eurovision is ready to present party songs this year, and then when someone shows up with a song like that, you don't like that either. It’s one thing to criticize the structure of a song, and it’s another to make fun of almost every other song because you like the generic sound.

  • NoneWhatsoever

    Xenophobia, misogyny and ethnophobia directed towards Slavic women. What else is new.

  • dominvsmalvs

    Her ser vi en tilbakestående ynkelig tåpe som innbiller seg at han er låtskriver (egentlig autotunemisbruker), samt et par uforskammete musikalsk analfabete klovner, som forsøker å gjøre narr av faglærte musikere fra Serbia, av overhodet ikke noen grunn. Patetisk.

  • NemanjaSaj

    As a Serbian I can say the song is rubbish as majority of eurovision songs are...

  • Izabela Mikacic
    Izabela Mikacic

    It is well known that Slavic women are the most beautiful women😝 It is not necessary for a norwegian woman to comment on anyone's physical appearance, especially appearance of Slavic people. There's also no need to comment on the vocal abilities of the group Hurricane. Shame on you. This wasn't a joke, you guys spent the whole show offending and making fun of girls ,publicly! Your comments are totally unsubstantiated. Greetings to the girls from Croatia, you had a great performance and you were looking stunning🤩

  • Yandolito

    They react to all the songs every year. It's a few different ppl every year. And every year someone in this panel is very wrong about some songs. F. Ex these ppl LOVED Malta and Israel and thought ppl would only like Lithuania bc of their clothes but not their song... but hated this song and Ukraine. So... Don't take it seriously. These don't represent what most people think. The Balkan and Slavic countries are usually my faves in this contest!!! 🙌🏽

  • Yandolito

    Most of the people here except the girl who gave an 8 also gave Ukraine low scores and they were a big hit with the public this year soooo 🤣🤣🤣 I loved this song and Ukraine was my favorite! 🇧🇻-->🇷🇸 💕💕 💕

  • M. B.
    M. B.

    In Serbia we say- There is a lot of dust behind an excellent horse. It is in Serbian nature to always chose to be the horse.

  • Yandolito

    I watched this show mostly to see how much I disagree with the people here. I often liked/loved the songs most of them didn't like. When I watched the show I agreed with the girl who gave an 8. But Serbia was DEFINITELY a 12 for me when I saw them on stage!!! 🙌🏽 I feel like the recorded version didn't do their voices justice! 💕 Love from 🇧🇻 🇧🇻 🇧🇻

  • maja zoran
    maja zoran

    Norwegian twligine zone studio🤮🤪

  • darius

    pa mnogo se duvalo izgleda pa ruzne babe i izandjali derpani utripovali da su visa klasa i vazni

  • Sigvald

    I hate that these people represent what the people of Norway think. I actually loved the song. It’s catchy. But these people are just mocking it. Please stop. From Norway 🇳🇴

  • Milica Mia
    Milica Mia

    We saw how much people love this song, they don't know the Serbian language, they don't understand but they love it. You can only comment on them. It says about you what kind of people you are, very professional of you haha, you do your job a little better, yet you get paid for it Haha 😂

  • ktammi

    This hasnt aged well.

  • Anita Ilicic
    Anita Ilicic

    Man fart on 3:18

  • Vesna Nesic
    Vesna Nesic

    Ljubomora je cudo

  • Jelena Vasovic
    Jelena Vasovic

    Зашто се није реаговало на ово? Требали смо захтевати извињење...

    • Jelena Vasovic
      Jelena Vasovic

      @Laylla's Locker У праву сте! Стварно сам непромишљено одреаговала. Хвала Вам што ме вратисте на прави пут. Разумите, једноставно ми је било криво. Али они су овде заправо рекли о себи не о нашим девојкама.

    • Laylla's Locker
      Laylla's Locker

      Zasto bi spadali na taj nivo? Kad te nakaza proziva iskuliras to. :) Plus, ovi su sigurni isprozivali i ostale ucesnike.


    You are God's failure....

  • Anita Rudinski
    Anita Rudinski

    OMG you are sooo rude. How the hell you get a job. They pick you up on the street or what? Rudness and insult is IN today ?We need to support each other in this terible time, not to hate and make fun of ech other. WTF we did to you, why we deserv this kind of coments. First look your performances and judge yourself then others. SHAME ON YOU. Very non pofesional from you. So sad from your beautiful country ....

  • Marko Zdravkovic
    Marko Zdravkovic

    Nordmenn burde først rydde opp i egen hage før de kommer ut med dumme kommentarer. Men det er jo vel typisk for nordmenn å gjøre narr av noen, mens de tror at de er verdens beste. Dette viser bare at Norge er Europas største provins.

  • Vesna Nesic
    Vesna Nesic

    Ipak pričate o njima i to koliko. Ukrali ste se

  • Vesna Nesic
    Vesna Nesic


  • Vesna Nesic
    Vesna Nesic

    Dein Lied ist extra, dumm unhöflich!!!!

  • sebbivism

    Wow, it's quite impressive to bash another country when the song they sent themselves belongs to the 90's 🤔

  • Marija Mirkovic
    Marija Mirkovic

    Når du trenger å snakke på en så enkel måte, uten nivåer og profesjonalitet, på nasjonal TV, så må du spørre deg selv hvem du er! Jeg beklager deg, du er så uten kreativitet og oppførsel, det var ikke lett å lytte til deg!

  • Branislava Stjepanovic
    Branislava Stjepanovic

    Woow...shame on you!

  • WhiteSnowFlakes1


  • Violeta B
    Violeta B

    You’re just plainly jealous! Before you trash someone, look at yourselves in the mirror if you dare. Empty, blabbing corpses.

  • Sinisa Stevanovic
    Sinisa Stevanovic

    Ohh now i know what language is used in Sims... 🤣

  • nebojsa nebojsa
    nebojsa nebojsa

    Who is all of you And special that Woman-buy??!!

  • P K
    P K

    HEJA NORGE!!! ni visar precis det ni är, det är så härligt att omvärlde hör hur ni förnedrar andra meniskor och inser hur elaka biliga och små ni är. Nemoj te se uzbudjivati oko komentara ovih egoističnih stvorenja, oni pokazuju konačno koliko su niski i u svom smislu nedovovoljo civilizovana stvorenja. To su samo naslednici vikinga i ništa više. 0. LOKO LOKO LOKO....

  • Daliborka Cerovic
    Daliborka Cerovic

    Pucamo od pozitive,,lepote,muzikalnosti,talenta,oduvale bi svojom energijom svu mržnju ovog sveta ...toliko da vam svima bode oči....da li ste se pogledali u ogledalo pre nego ste izašli u javnost da mekećete o nekome na tako primitivan i odvratan način ...jedan ogroman dislike za ovaaj primitivizam i neprofesionalizam .😡🐑🐑🐑

  • martin boskovic
    martin boskovic

    Better than your batman style performance...

  • Milos Pavlovic
    Milos Pavlovic

    Now that the votes are in, how would "people" in the studio comment? Who pays these individuals for such unprofessionalism?

  • Slavi Po
    Slavi Po

    Šta žvaću ovi 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Ananas Pineapple
    Ananas Pineapple

    You do realize that the song you picked to represent Norway this year walked straight out of 1985 and onto that stage?! Your comments are primitive, childish, condescending, disrespectful and completely unprofessional at best, abusive and evil at worst. Give your heads a good shake! Please get these bullies off tv!

  • Milos Zdravkovic
    Milos Zdravkovic

    What a losers they took 18th place this year,actually we should laugh to them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Popay Bugi
    Popay Bugi

    If you put Title in english it is expected that the video is on english. So what someone to translate?

    • Laylla's Locker
      Laylla's Locker

      there are translations at the video if u turn them on.

  • Uros Ilic
    Uros Ilic

    The Eurovision Song Contest has just ended. The results are confusing for more than 2/3 of Europeans. Serbian competitors are the most sought after on the Internet of all other competitors. In 55 hours, 6,263,925 people watched the Serbian song. At the same time, only 3,842,147 looked at the winner from Italy. Serbian women have 96.5% of praiseworthy comments, and Italian winners 88.1%. I really wonder who is the real winner of this competition !?

    • Laylla's Locker
      Laylla's Locker

      Hajd da budemo realni. To sto je nesto popularno na youtube-u ne znaci da ce i da pobedi, zato sto gomila ljudi ne glasa ili nema pravo glasa. Ako pogledas glasove publike za nas su glasale ex Yu drzave i nasi iz dijaspore. Jbg. Tako je.

  • Хелена

    Lawsuit in advance🤭🤭🤭we will see who is going to laugh last..? Greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸💃💕

  • Veljko Jojic
    Veljko Jojic

    Norway i cant see you down there🤣🤣🤣

  • Mila Pajic
    Mila Pajic

    Shame on you unprofessional cringy children.. if you don’t like it that is fine but this conversation is just so ignorant and full of malice. Our people is always full of support towards other artists and you should maybe try that too.

  • Dina Kora
    Dina Kora


  • Pikachù

    hahah how pathetic show, instead of being happy about the results their country has achieved, whether they are good or bad, they are laughing at serbia which achieved something until now, and that makes them boring even for the nation of norway i hope, but we serbs are still not mad at you norway, we still wish you all the luck for the next time. ❤️

  • Bass & Amp
    Bass & Amp

    Norway can only take notes from Serbia. 🇷🇸 For next eurovision...

  • cangalovic221

    This one in a red jacket is just LOKO LOKO, malice, envy, corruption can be seen in his eyes

  • Mirjana Jovicic
    Mirjana Jovicic

    Hey, sense of humor is also very important for one nation..Poor people on Norway TV..I do not want to believe that you represent your nation, if this left of Norway people, it is more than sad then...My sincere sympathy...

  • John Douglas
    John Douglas

    Lets be honest here...they h8in on Serbian band cause they are hot, all 3 of them! All the women in this studio...i wouldnt even poke with the stick, yet alone touch with my hand. And as far as for the male part of studio...i obvious, if you call this feminized grotesques male in Norway, well i feel for you ladies. In short you hatin cuz Serbs are much better looking people than norwegians, simple as that.

  • Danijela Dimkovic
    Danijela Dimkovic

    Serbian is great! Suport from Sweden! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Marija Milojevic
    Marija Milojevic

    De har sagt mye mer om seg selv en om serbiske gruppen på eurosong 😉Tipisk for NRK,ikke noe nytt,dessverre ☹

  • mile perencevic
    mile perencevic

    Bro ,take down this video ,all Europe is laughing on this primitive comments of this bunch a crooks...🤣🤣🤣

  • LjubomirZavisic

    Serbia would beat them at anything! This is like Trump talking against Superman!!! What a losers.....

  • mile perencevic
    mile perencevic

    Well,dear experts...they're just shut your mouth, Bravo Hurricane!!

  • Marijana


  • Balkan Novosti
    Balkan Novosti

    Sad nek se puše HAHAHAHA , u trendingu smo u 20 zemalja

  • Stephan Jurisic
    Stephan Jurisic

    No surprise here too exotic for our frosty friends from the deep north

  • Bane T
    Bane T

    all big idiots

  • ZeRo

    oooooo wie unprofessionell...

  • Ena S
    Ena S

    one village in Serbia has more beautiful girls than the whole Norway...helloo from Slovenia👋👋👋

  • Mirjana Jovicic
    Mirjana Jovicic

    Intelligence of the nation can be seen on your faces, the esthetic...You all look so poor..Greetings from beautiful people from Serbia!

  • zaklina loncarevic
    zaklina loncarevic

    Koliko su ljubomorni jer znaju da absolutno šanse nemaju. Bezobrazni i zajedljivi su, to im je jedino ostalo. Idemo breee!!

  • Natasha Dimitrijevic
    Natasha Dimitrijevic

    Fleste hit er uprofesjonelt! De gjorde ikke noe virkelig undersøkelse om jentene mens de kommenterer. Kevin prøver å virke smart om " falsk synging ".

  • Aleksandar Mitrovic
    Aleksandar Mitrovic


  • Jovana Jevtic
    Jovana Jevtic

    Maybe you should hustle as hard as you hate.

  • Ana S
    Ana S

    Serbia ❤️🎉🇷🇸❤️🎉


    I will find you🙂

  • Andy T
    Andy T

    So many idiots at one place. The idiot scale has exploded.

  • Shultz

    Typisk norsk! Hahhaha bas su mi ekstra, potvrdjuju da bolji komentar se i ne moze ocekivati od ljudi kojima je vrhunac bozicne trpeze hrenovka 😂😂😂

  • Tara Markov
    Tara Markov

    they went to the final,now you can laugh more 😂

  • 47 26
    47 26

    They don't like Serbia because Serbian singer are not gays, trans,fat, black, bi....

  • jelenamat92

    So a producer signed this off? Ok...

  • Davorka Vujnovic
    Davorka Vujnovic

    Serbian girls are the best!!!! They are so beautiful and you ,,,,you are so ugly and Humor zero Serbia 🇷🇸 Hurricane ❤️❤️ IDEMOOO PRVO MESTOO

  • Paul Mustermann
    Paul Mustermann


  • gfdfga adfgadfg
    gfdfga adfgadfg

    mogu da se napuse Norvezani hahah

  • dana nylon
    dana nylon

    Baby, baby, baby…..cemu drama?

  • M. Mikica
    M. Mikica

    Pa to je savremena civilizacia ,sever hladan i tuzan.,vidi se da im fali sunce ,nasim curama Bravo.

  • B M
    B M


  • __Đ__O__L__E__X__

    Bolesni ste . Leci te se

  • Jovana Krpic
    Jovana Krpic

    Dere burde ha vist deres norske brunost jenter som bare er i stand til å lage icekaffe på tiktok.

  • Lejla D
    Lejla D

    Hahahha why these people embarass Norway in this way? I thought country was civilized. Hope they have some culture there.

  • FuckeR

    Tražićete vi vakcinu od Srba :)

  • Uros Erakovic
    Uros Erakovic

    Next year eurovision is in Serbia, so see You there, regards 🖐🏻😏

  • vexon

    Sad to see grownups making fun of themselves:( Typical Norwegian behavior when someone is better at something than them selves are (they are bad at everything except winter sports) :) go Loco Loco

  • Vasilija Gagričić
    Vasilija Gagričić

    Dere er loco,loco😂.Det var morsomt.Heia Serbia🇷🇸💪

  • Kat G.
    Kat G.

    Has bullying on tv become something normal in Norway? You can have your opinions and dislike the band/song but when you're on tv you have a responsibility not to trash talk people like you're in middle school. It's common decency.

  • Vanja Kremenovic
    Vanja Kremenovic

    Skam for Norge 🤮🤮🤮

  • Slavica Jeremic
    Slavica Jeremic

    Very poor people in heart and soul like they country

  • My Angels
    My Angels

    OMG!!!! Shame on you!

  • Lackily

    Y'all just jealous your song is bad ;)

  • boymickeyboy

    Wow, it's not a jury it's a freak show 🤣 terrible persons. I can feel the smell of xenophobic shits here.

  • Car 86
    Car 86

    Hehe, norvezani idioti..