New Brawler STU BREAKDOWN! | Power League EXPLAINED! | Update Info!
Update INFO! Stui Breakdown & Power League Explained! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to be breaking down EVERYTHING coming in the next update! Brawl Talk just released & Supercell gave me an early look at it so I could tell you everything you need to know about Stu, & the new Power League!
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  • KairosTime Gaming
    KairosTime Gaming

    *Do 3 things!!!:* 1. Subscribe 2. Use Code KAIROS 3. STAY HYDRATED!

    • Daniel Mendez
      Daniel Mendez

      2. Was suppose to start with an "s"

    • Sakın profilime basma
      Sakın profilime basma

      Every time i join a team in power league chat always mute why


      This dude smart

    • Leticia Cluck
      Leticia Cluck

      Ima stay hydrated but i need a thing

    • الحلم الازرق
      الحلم الازرق


  • Mr Popcorn Gaming
    Mr Popcorn Gaming

  • Mr Popcorn Gaming
    Mr Popcorn Gaming


  • Ikke

    Every time I look at how many subscribers you have, i Think: why doesnt hé have a million XD

  • Yay's Games Zone
    Yay's Games Zone

    You are making the video of brawl talk

  • Arvi Is Here
    Arvi Is Here

    I don't like capes, i would like to see a version of Stu without cape like Mortis has version with no hat

  • Crackers269

    Frank and Ryan bathwater

  • Rainbow_Phoenix YT
    Rainbow_Phoenix YT

    Hydrated thing definetly new brawler/skin thing?

    • Sora Wreck
      Sora Wreck

      @Rainbow_Phoenix YT Summer theme? Waterpark?

    • Rainbow_Phoenix YT
      Rainbow_Phoenix YT

      Something has to do with water

  • eric lin
    eric lin

    Bro u should really download Genshin impact it so fun

  • Faiz Siddiqui
    Faiz Siddiqui

    When will this update come

  • L.p. Ng
    L.p. Ng

    I think brawl stars is using league of legends things: Teh ban the dynamike and ziggs.

  • Brendan Tan
    Brendan Tan

    Im at 9.9k trophies rn😂

  • DpsAlt

    They should split competition entry and winner into ‘Competition’ and ‘For Fun’ so that people can play troll maps or serious ones

  • Cool Legends Gaming
    Cool Legends Gaming

    Stay Hydrated

  • Morpeko

    What if they gave us a new Water-Based Gamemode that works like Graveyard Shift. So you have a certain amount of Water that you loose by time and if you loose all Water you die. So you need to Stay hydrated !


    Dani Viral For dringking a gallon of water Stay Hydrated Everybody

  • Leondino Delić
    Leondino Delić

    When is the update comming?


    Stint trio

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    “I think we’re getting some balance changes” ignores the honey coat rework

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      Thats baisically the League of Legends Ranked System

  • Jensi Joel Villar
    Jensi Joel Villar

    when will the update come out

  • omar omar
    omar omar

    I have a question: when is the update so we can take Stu the new brawler ?

  • Shadowassasin 07
    Shadowassasin 07


  • LemoniMinti

    Use code: Kairos

  • chipsi

    when the update?

  • unknown 1234
    unknown 1234

    When is update coming

  • Orlando DiDesidero
    Orlando DiDesidero

    Every single one of Kairos’ new brawler predictions are going to be correct as always

  • Roddy- 777
    Roddy- 777

    i bet its a new water hero brawler or a theme for maps

  • الحلم الازرق
    الحلم الازرق


  • الحلم الازرق
    الحلم الازرق


  • الحلم الازرق
    الحلم الازرق


  • SSG Jelly
    SSG Jelly

    How long til this iut

  • Kellen Sall
    Kellen Sall

    It would be cool if you did a video just on counters and how to counter pick for ranked

  • QB1 Elijah
    QB1 Elijah

    Stay hydrated and then you burp Kairos do not burp please

  • Barjoveanu Cristian
    Barjoveanu Cristian


  • Mandigo2x4

    I bet there will be placement matches every season

  • Jan Hösch
    Jan Hösch

    Thats baisically the League of Legends Ranked System

  • davo the pendles main
    davo the pendles main

    Every on talking about knew brawler and mode Me:TICK BLINKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ptero - Gaming
    Ptero - Gaming

    Lex =stu Kairos = all club wars updates Combined BRAWL TALK

  • Alastair Quadras
    Alastair Quadras

    Will he belong with the amber trio??

    • Silverson X
      Silverson X

      No, Amber belongs to Mexican trio with Poco and El Primo

  • Nikhil S pillai
    Nikhil S pillai


  • A Sönmez
    A Sönmez

    How does Lex's comment have more like thab RSwill's???😂

  • Psychic Cream Corn
    Psychic Cream Corn

    as he finished talking about the limited icons an add started and he said "honesty I think that's soup"

  • the greater good
    the greater good

    i think 'stay hydrated', implies surge will be getting something (big?), as one of his voicelines is "de-hydrated"

  • Ármin Somogyvári
    Ármin Somogyvári

    update date

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman


  • TD0304

    When does Stu come out?

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      @TD0304 15 March

    • TD0304

      wich date?

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman


  • Shabbar Zaidi
    Shabbar Zaidi

    I think ur right about stu starting a entertainment trio but Amber was a entertainer so the trio would start with 2 filled in? Idk just a thought

  • ÆR0ß!ÅŠT-X

    YES, KAIROS! You better believe that jingle is catchy! :)

  • Jzon- Brawl Stars
    Jzon- Brawl Stars

    Dude amber is an entertainer maybe he’s the second

  • Akmike27

    So it’s power league is basically league of legends ranked got it.just way less toxic

  • Trolify

    Maybe we are getting a new daniskin?

  • Trolify

    New water brawler? I'm pretty sure a brawl stars RSwill guessed this.......

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    stu is like if u mixed kalista wth singed

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    so basically league of legends draft mode in brawl stars

  • StarGuillie BS
    StarGuillie BS

    So maybe honey coat is replaced

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      it is

  • StarGuillie BS
    StarGuillie BS

    Yeah I saw that Bea got a shield when she hitted the enemy brawler. MAYBE that's a new remodel for a star power

  • Pet luv
    Pet luv

    6:12 Bruh what is that aim

  • Wannes Ghyssaert
    Wannes Ghyssaert

    i am so hyped right now

  • S1nNeř_off BS
    S1nNeř_off BS

    Kairos. You forgot that there was shown 2 gadget and 2 starpowers of all brawlers while they explaining power league brawler choosing.. but in thise brawlers there were spike and rico shown with 2 we getting new gadgets too

  • How to CJ
    How to CJ

    When is update

  • JellyPig

    When is the Stu brawler in trophy road gonna come

  • Ryan Rich
    Ryan Rich

    I'm sure it's going to be star powers and gadgets for everyone, after all it is taking over for Power Play.

  • Weird Phoenix
    Weird Phoenix

    Maybe stay hydrated is a voiceline of stu!??!

  • Austin Joseph
    Austin Joseph

    when is the update?

  • enzoy

    Bro I can’t play the competitive mode bc my Account got hacked that had 100,000 trophies 😔

  • Клоун Сыс
    Клоун Сыс


  • EmberPilot


  • McDonkey Gamer
    McDonkey Gamer

    I am waiting for sneak peaks video Pleas do it as soon as possible 😔

  • Arthur Harris
    Arthur Harris

    Stu is probably short for safe to use


    When is sneak peek video KT? I'm so curious for sneak peeks 2 days already.


    His next theory video will be about STAY HYDRATED

  • Mr. Malarky
    Mr. Malarky

    11:08 it looks like a brawler turn blue when they touch the fire

  • Вася Петровский
    Вася Петровский

    Kairos, where is sneak peak?????

  • Tudor Negru-Rusen
    Tudor Negru-Rusen

    Stu should not have a worried pin because he is a daredevil and is used to the tension

  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars


  • badr

    New bea sp leaked

  • ThatFlightSimmer

    "I'm just throwing some brawler ideas.. Yeah" Also a few months later "Now time for our new brawlers, a rock band singer and a magician"

  • marvel gaming
    marvel gaming

    When will the update come?



  • Emerson Gonzalez
    Emerson Gonzalez

    When are we getting a sneak peek

  • Aabhushan Sapkota
    Aabhushan Sapkota

    hey kt, when will sneakpeek arrive?

  • Adam Schaafsma
    Adam Schaafsma

    So you know how to do stunts? Cool!

  • Χριστόφορος Γαρδίκης
    Χριστόφορος Γαρδίκης

    When update and stu coming?

  • Saroj Persaud
    Saroj Persaud

    I have 10000

  • Bdp BS
    Bdp BS

    Were is the intro with the Brawl Nerds???

  • Eason Wang
    Eason Wang

    The update will happen next week. The Power Play league ends in 7-8 days and the update must happen when the league ends. I want more people to know so I will post this on other videos in case you're wondering why you're seeing this comment so much.

    • JPI

      The update is clearly going to happen sooner than the power play league end

    • Emerson Gonzalez
      Emerson Gonzalez

      Noooo I don't want to wait that long

  • Fax Machine Animations
    Fax Machine Animations

    When lex's comment has more likes the youtube's

  • Gorjan Paskov
    Gorjan Paskov

    guys, new bea star power when se hits someone with her attack she gains a shield

    • Gorjan Paskov
      Gorjan Paskov

      @JPI true, will see

    • JPI

      @Gorjan Paskov it will definitely help her in 3v3 but she's gonna be worse in showdown

    • Gorjan Paskov
      Gorjan Paskov

      @JPI yea, i didnt say it right , i think bea is going to be better

    • JPI

      No, her new star power gives her a shield when she has her charged shot

  • Sebastian Delgado
    Sebastian Delgado

    Stu feels like a reference to the big hero 6 series. Where there is a person named supersonic Stu, who was dressed just like Stu. And supersonic and superstar are very close words

  • Purnima Naorem
    Purnima Naorem

    Sandy olympics

  • multigame bros
    multigame bros

    11:34 tick/rose apocalypse in my opinion....were far worse

  • A Sönmez
    A Sönmez

    Kairos where is sneak peeeeaaaaaaaaak

  • Night Ninja
    Night Ninja

    Congratulations on trending

  • mbris m
    mbris m

    Supercell bottled water in stores close to you.

  • Newfyandmax

    Does anyone know when the update will come out?

  • Joan De jesus
    Joan De jesus

    New bea star power is when bea gets supercharged attack she gets sheild

  • Xaster

    4:42 honey coat revamped????

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous

    Hey kairos, when will the update happen cuz i want stu :/

  • Daphne lau
    Daphne lau

    hey in brawl talk ambers attack is only280damage

  • XHunt Gaming - Youtube
    XHunt Gaming - Youtube

    He basically just reacted to the original video from Brawl Stars. lol

  • Yu Hong Tan
    Yu Hong Tan

    Wait a minute... How could you upload a 14-minute video after a few minutes?

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