Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) [Official Video]
Lil Tjay
Official video for "Calling My Phone" by Lil Tjay featuring 6LACK.
Lil Tjay 'Destined 2 Win' out now -
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Director: Cam Busby
Cinematographer: Sam Brave
Producer: James Sibio, Jay Tauzin, Saul Levitz
Production Company: Golden Child Media
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  • Lil Tjay
    Lil Tjay


    • Almighty mello
      Almighty mello


    • Hanna Bryant
      Hanna Bryant

      Ong this hits different

    • Tiffany Haywood
      Tiffany Haywood

      @Sus Madalou oh I tiff V I P hsbidhks

    • Jaden Hull
      Jaden Hull

      @Sus Madalou 00000⁰p

    • michael mbizi
      michael mbizi

      your so good

  • That one Car guy
    That one Car guy

    2:07 there’s no way that’s not 69

  • Salt kid
    Salt kid

    Anyone see the micky mouse one

  • anthony rivas
    anthony rivas

    AYOOO this shih slapp✊

  • Ayush Kathor
    Ayush Kathor

    This song hits like bullet on my chest

  • Phillip Williams
    Phillip Williams

    This shit stay on replay Inna whip

  • Jessica Cristine
    Jessica Cristine


  • Rigo Batiancila
    Rigo Batiancila

    I thought it was a meh at first but after like 10 times listening to it, it has become one of my favorite songs currently

  • King Enow
    King Enow

  • Harold Kulka
    Harold Kulka

    Rip for pop smoke

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera

    Didn't even realize it was two dude wow both these guys flow is smooth definitely play thru vibe 👌

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera

    I like this kids music definitely standing apart in this new school.

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    I’m Officially alive now after listening to this song.

  • Taylor Mariee
    Taylor Mariee

    I feel it

  • Lil Moses
    Lil Moses

    Lil tjay and 6lack killed it 👏

  • Rearwardog

    my mom loves this song

  • Johnathan myers
    Johnathan myers

    This is so deep

  • Kirshetta Moore
    Kirshetta Moore

    My first love sent me this... I don’t get this song. Someone tell me the meaning to this song. I’m confused

  • bdb bf
    bdb bf

    C'est un tiakola des states nn?

    • bdb bf
      bdb bf

      Ta capté

    • bdb bf
      bdb bf

      En mode style musical

  • bruhno360 baka
    bruhno360 baka

    Never thought I'd search lil tjay

  • Freddy B. Easy
    Freddy B. Easy

    my grandma was listening to this yesterday and she was singing her heart out

  • Hampton Ouellette
    Hampton Ouellette

    This shit hits harder when you ain't living right!!smh

  • Sir ShinyKnight
    Sir ShinyKnight

    Literally just got cheated on when I first heard this song and now this song be hittin WAY different bro

  • Franklin Flores
    Franklin Flores

    I’m sorry but 6LACK slid on this track

  • essketit_onYT shorts
    essketit_onYT shorts


  • Rich Rilla
    Rich Rilla

    Beautiful song man been listening to lil that for years he on 🔥

  • Iroyalety

    I get anxiety when I hear this song. It means alot to me and helps my mind relax and be at easy after a long depressing year of a breakup😔💔

  • Stefany Pinheiro
    Stefany Pinheiro

    I can’t get this of my mind 😍

  • Stefany Pinheiro
    Stefany Pinheiro

    Thanks deezer for show this art to me ❤️

  • Micheal King
    Micheal King

    Song go crazy

  • Yutsuko

    the mickey mouse version is lit 2

  • Sun Wolf
    Sun Wolf

    lil tjay calling my phone and he sings part of pop out by polo g ft lil tjay

  • STL Productions
    STL Productions

    No cap

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez

    Mickey Mouse remix hits harder

  • Liyah Franklin
    Liyah Franklin

    you know when people have a celebirty crush, my bff got a crush on you

  • spike sofia
    spike sofia

    how old are is Lil tjay

  • BC_ByeBye

    Lil squeeker🤣

  • Supreme KAKAROTO
    Supreme KAKAROTO

    I actually finally have the time to listen to it

  • SheLuvsAxhyz发

    Bruh u fuked up the song u shouldve put polo g


    friend: yea the songs okay me: OKAY THIS SONG IS A VIBE

  • Todd Cannady
    Todd Cannady

    The right song out there when your lady is calling you and you're done with them fire 🔥

  • Christian Reyes
    Christian Reyes

    dis song kinda overrated

  • therealbigjimm

    This chaps diction leaves something to be desired.

  • John Howell
    John Howell

    Idk why I love this song makes me feel better tho just found out my mom has been cheating now there getting divorce

  • Christa Lynn
    Christa Lynn

    Absolutely love this song 🎵 ❤

  • Coconutkoala

    All I can hear is the Mickey Mouse version

  • Prazart Shaytoven
    Prazart Shaytoven

    The lyrics hit when it’s low key a heart break

  • Robin Reid
    Robin Reid

    The sincere actress totally waste because eight correspondingly gaze onto a somber minister. tired, redundant dedication

  • moe money 247
    moe money 247

    I'm so in love with this sing 💖

  • Juicydroopnutz

    @1:25 is when the bar kicks in

  • Whisper Gaming
    Whisper Gaming

    🎶steady callin my phone🎶

  • theerealmyagamer

    Anybody else searched for this song “I can’t get you off my mind” 😂🖤

  • Jara Williams
    Jara Williams

    My 18yr old son introduced my 38 yr old self to this song 2 days ago and it's been stuck on repeat...This definitely knocks🔥🔥🔥

  • Gizzy Hunter
    Gizzy Hunter

    Micky mouse version sound better 😂

  • not Your mama
    not Your mama


  • jjj ddd
    jjj ddd

    بحبك من اليمن مووح

    • jjj ddd
      jjj ddd

      thx bab

  • KING K
    KING K

    I'm Playing This To My Crush Tommorow Wish Me Luck boyzzz

  • Jaelene Dancy
    Jaelene Dancy

    Hi lil tj my aunt like you and my sister and me

  • Khedeem's KineMaster edits
    Khedeem's KineMaster edits

    If my dad hears this radio and he went CRAZY

  • michael mbizi
    michael mbizi

    my g mmmmmhhhhh she be calling your phone

  • Cody Games
    Cody Games

    GOATED song keep the good work up!

  • TheAnimeCorner

    Damn bro this song hits even harder when mickey is singing

  • Astronomical

    Fire bruh

  • Alethea Hall
    Alethea Hall

    hey im your big fan

  • The Squad
    The Squad

    Damm this hits

  • LilJuvieThree God
    LilJuvieThree God

    This was supposed to be Pop Smoke feature


    This is a classic.

  • PhantomShroom

    I’m here because of Mickey...

  • kami davis
    kami davis


  • Victopia2

    This is my new ringtone

  • DxopDubx

    Why are you texting me crying emojis???.......... No response. Pain

  • josh james
    josh james

    a nigga like me only listen to the mickey mouse version

  • marco padovano
    marco padovano

    Lil tjay ti ascolto da quanto eri a termini a scavallare la metro

  • Anthony Woods
    Anthony Woods

    Mine dad listen to this yesterday

  • Vanja Stanojlovic
    Vanja Stanojlovic


  • Underrated Tab
    Underrated Tab

    Daisy calling my phone

  • kassim hamade
    kassim hamade


  • kassim hamade
    kassim hamade


  • Posting random stuff
    Posting random stuff

    Lmaoooaklaoalalaoksks this was just in the radio and my dad was horrified at some of the lyrics

  • Taco Bell’s Bathroom
    Taco Bell’s Bathroom

    This hits harder than my dad belts

  • CONGO # Z55
    CONGO # Z55

    The mood hits

  • Wmr XCIII
    Wmr XCIII


  • lil_dimend074.

    Depressed song for me

  • Charles Adu Boahen
    Charles Adu Boahen

    Wow Lil Tjay is the new face of this game.

  • Blair McMartin
    Blair McMartin

    This song is ass absolute fuck boy u are Lil tjay

  • Level


  • ChiboleraTwerk RD
    ChiboleraTwerk RD

    Perfect lirycs



  • Amemenewa’s Life
    Amemenewa’s Life

    Whoever disliked this song doesn’t know shit about music ‼️‼️💯

  • Sean Ellis
    Sean Ellis

    Tjay yuh ting tuff badman

  • sahvnna roblox!
    sahvnna roblox!

    win you was saying you used to be my homie oop- yo eyes not to be mean

  • Kobe From Atlanta
    Kobe From Atlanta

    This song so addictive.

  • ironic charlie
    ironic charlie

    This hits diffrent

  • Mario

    Damn! 💯

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    The background melody makes this son 10x better, no hate cus Lil Tjay and 6lack called it

  • Alejandro Zavala
    Alejandro Zavala

    This shi fire

  • CrystianaRockstar 7
    CrystianaRockstar 7

    I didn't know you have a date I'm sorry that you went to jail

  • CrystianaRockstar 7
    CrystianaRockstar 7

    I'm crying. Lil tjay

  • CrystianaRockstar 7
    CrystianaRockstar 7


  • purple foxy
    purple foxy


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164 хиљ.