INFINITY - Epic Futuristic Music Mix | Atmospheric Sci-Fi Music
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Publisher: Revolt Production Music
Composers: Philippe Briand and Gabriel Saban
Album: ''Infinity'' 2016

00:00 Paradigm
01:42 Chronometry
03:54 Dream Or Reality
06:16 Mind Games
08:03 Fabric Of Space-Time
10:02 A New Dimension
12:00 Before It Ends
13:57 Continuum
15:52 Final Hours
18:02 Heart Of Eternity
19:56 Mental Control
21:48 Misty Effect
23:19 No Regrets
25:33 Written In The Shadows
27:25 Beyond Life

Revolt Production Music:
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Philippe Briand:

Gabriel Saban:

artist: elreviae
link to artwork:

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  • Premium Music HQ
    Premium Music HQ

    You have traveled to the infinity, now you have a chance to travel beyond infinity: Our continuation of this music mix is available now here:

    • Gebackene Bananee
      Gebackene Bananee

      Can u use this in a Video as background music if you credit the artist and don't earn money with it?

    • StarDreamIX

      Thank you so much for uploading! Amazing Music! ;) Stay safe all!

    • Chandru

      @JB 57551 y

    • Riley Caldwell
      Riley Caldwell

      hey i am wanting to make a scifi movie so if I make it would I be able to use the music

    • Paranoid Vision
      Paranoid Vision

      Hi, is it okay if I use one of these songs in the backround for a youtube video?


    Hey everyone! We are cosmodrome and we are a Scifi rockband. If you still can handle some more space tunes after this great collection, maybe you find some time to check us out!

  • Ilay Fedorenko
    Ilay Fedorenko

    Please, add spotify playlist

  • Mártir Samy
    Mártir Samy

    No, me canso de escuchar, los temas que pones. Una pasada .

  • Mártir Samy
    Mártir Samy

    El que valla , compuesto esta musica saben del tema. De lo mejor que escuchado, hasta ahora, bravo , Hola.

  • Mártir Samy
    Mártir Samy

    Hola, bravo la música extraterrestre . Mola mucho un saludo, España, Valencia.

  • Θανος Βουρτας
    Θανος Βουρτας

    Everything about this, the music, the wallpaper, makes wanna say: "warp drive activated"

  • CaMnPaH bapya
    CaMnPaH bapya

    Aum mane padme hum l Aum yamakanta khatuneeyars l Aum hiri shirthi vikrantans hum phat l•.||~ HURRAH

  • DVXDemetrivs

    My biggest fear "What if the journey beyond the solar system is impossible for humans, simply because it is impossible to create such technologies in real physics." Because after that our existence doesn't really make sense.

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai

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  • jacky mai
    jacky mai

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    22:30 anyone plays Tekken can recognize this music. its from Gargoyle's Perch aka Jin Kazama's theme song

  • Kfm 060715
    Kfm 060715

    On a mission in 2300 were going to neptune to retrieve Intel we run across some things on the way there lucky we made it there within a 5 year spand as we arrive we see a bunker not any bunker but it leads to a gold mine but there isnt gold there's rocks of obsidian and lapis we gather the stones and we. Head back home as we go down to earth were about to hit the atmosphere but suddenly we get hit by an asteroid we spin and spin finally I grab control and took over our 1717-Pluto spaceship and we land in the ocean

  • Kfm 060715
    Kfm 060715

    On a mission

  • V.I.P Dance
    V.I.P Dance

    This is absolutely one of the best mix videos ever I found the love in this video, thank you💕

  • philip dillon
    philip dillon

    I feel like half of this is music that didn't get used for Stellaris and Mass Effect.

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai

    The broad rainbow proportionally grease because bowling originally pop next a sedate area. terrific, flippant profit

  • Ashley Kim
    Ashley Kim

    Lovely video

  • ALI Junas
    ALI Junas

    amazing work thanks. used it fot my uni presentation, it didnt have anything to do with my finance presentation but its fun.

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray

    This kind of has that ‘Home Alone’ feel to it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • proton flux
    proton flux

    almost like elite dangerous

  • parpar8090

    *8asdhaudgnreushazmcolyoheytherealguinusguysherif* This meme is from the future you won't get it.

  • sam wang
    sam wang

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  • StarDreamIX

    Thank you so much for uploading! ;)

  • Desti Sinawe
    Desti Sinawe

    15:52 there will no resurrection

  • _ Huskysoul
    _ Huskysoul

    I want to see a new game filled with this particular music. A great story, in the style of science fiction, amazing picture, graphics, special effects. The atmosphere, the dark, cold space, the heartbreaking drama, the struggle for life. Danger, cold, courage, loyalty, tears, revenge, the power of spirit and technology to explore the depths of space...

  • Freed by Yeshua
    Freed by Yeshua

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  • Radu Negrut
    Radu Negrut

    thank you bro

  • Manuel Friend
    Manuel Friend

    Why does all "space" music sound the same. After hearing "reborn" from the love death robots trailer I thought "shit this is awesome I need to find more epic cosmic music like this." And literally every result for "space" or "cosmic" music sounds identical and generic.

    • Iron Man98
      Iron Man98

      Different music genres can only go so deep, and that's pretty much it. This is this genre. It sounds this way. To enjoy this type of music you have to listen to the different subtleties and changes in the music. The different parts, the highs the lows, the pauses, the long bits. Quite often this type of music has a lot of different parts to it as well, many different sounds, sometimes you have to listen hard in order to hear certain sounds. That's probably the "cosmic" bit of this genre. There is a upcoming PC video game that I'm helping to produce which uses music by Pedro Macedo Camacho. He's got some space type music tracks, you should check him out if you want something different.

  • Michał Kowalik
    Michał Kowalik

    Bois , this stuff so good


    | }

  • Ion Serban
    Ion Serban


  • Clint_Holscher

    I hear 10:15 on *the flash* all the time

  • Israel Matias Homem
    Israel Matias Homem

    _īn£vlllllllnllop vs

  • _Riptide_

    my favorite song on this is Final hours. what about you?

  • Justin Ponquinette
    Justin Ponquinette

    This music is out of this world!

  • Kirk's Hair Piece
    Kirk's Hair Piece

    There's something very exciting and suspenseful about this music. It makes me want to close my eyes and picture myself traveling in the universe. Well done.

  • Mártir Samy
    Mártir Samy

    Bravo fenomenal. Amigó

  • Michelle b
    Michelle b

    Its the music from Cyberpunk 3077 Sorry

  • Mártir Samy
    Mártir Samy

    Que súper, tope . Insuperable.

  • Mártir Samy
    Mártir Samy

    Hola, es una pasada. Bravo.

  • Themanwithoutaplan

    We are on the edge of discovery. Some of us will most likely see the first mission to Mars in our lifetimes. I, for one, plan to be there.

  • Md. Zisan Ahamed
    Md. Zisan Ahamed

    I love it

  • Gaming With AR
    Gaming With AR

    I really hope someone will stop these unnecessary f*cking conflicts between countries. And the All of humanity will explore universe together !

  • Mind Body Relaxation
    Mind Body Relaxation

    To everyone who is experiencing a difficult situation: To shot an arrow you have to pull it backwards. So when life drags you back with some troubles, it means it's going to launch into something better. I wish for physical, mental and spiritual healing for ALL.🙏🙏

  • Warp Drive
    Warp Drive

    Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  • Azfar Shaik
    Azfar Shaik

    Ik I'm not the only one who's pissed at the fact that they spelled "Paradigm" wrong at the bottom of the first song

  • Jay Pictures Shorts
    Jay Pictures Shorts

    Can I use this for non-commercial purposes? I won’t monetize from this?

  • SCP-5212

    *Music to get shot down by a planet made entirely of water*


    Nasa needs more money

  • Imagine Xeon
    Imagine Xeon

    The stars are closer then we think, iPhone invented 2011, SpaceX 2009, TESLA , 2018 StarLink 2020, Starship, 2021,

  • Epic Club
    Epic Club

    How I stopped worrying about the world and learned to love that armour.

  • MuscleKong Fitness
    MuscleKong Fitness

    Who are here for mass effect ❤️

  • Bilal Jhht
    Bilal Jhht

    Il fut un temps les guerres, la famine et la maladie ont réduit considérablement le nombre d'Hommes sur terre. A cause de toute cette haine engendrée au cours de l'histoire, L'humanité ne représentait plus que 100 millions de personnes vivant sur Terre. Cependant, les livres d'histoires n'expliquaient pas l'essence de ces conflits. C'est comme si l'humanité avait été dépouillée de sa mémoire durant des millénaires, et personne ne connaissait les raisons qui ont causé ce massacre. Mais une chose est sûr , le désir de l'Homme est a l'origine de cette haine perpétuelle. Toutefois, Il y a 100 ans, un Homme dont personne ne connaît l'identité, decida de mettre fin à cette extinction de masse, réalisée par l'Homme envers ses semblables. Avec un pouvoir, encore inconnu, Il decida de créer les 100 "blocs". Ces blocs auront pour objectif de repartir ces 100 millions de personnes, pour enfin, octroyer à chaque peuple un territoire ou ils pourront vivre en paix. Les Hommes Ont décidé de nommer ces blocs, les "nations". Durant 100 ans, la paix fut présente, les Hommes se contentèrent des ressources et des terres qu'offrent leur nation et promirent de ne plus jamais entrer en Guerre. Toutefois, il y a 10 ans, une chose étrange est apparue sur terre, le 101 bloc. Personne ne savait comment il était arrivé ici, qui l'avait construit ou même pourquoi il existait. Ce bloc était considéré comme "l'ultime nation". Une légende dit que ce bloc renferme le secret de ce qui a provoqué l'extinction de l'humanité, mais également, il pourrait détenir l'identité de l'Homme qui a fondé ces 100 "murs". Tandis que les ressources des blocs normaux s'amenuisent, que la place se fait manquante et que la curiosité de l'Homme augmente, une nouvelle Guerre éclata. Et cette fois-ci nous en connaissons la raison, chacun voulait s'emparer de ce bloc mystérieux. Durant 10 ans, le monde se battait pour savoir quelle nation allait pouvoir prendre place dans ce bloc et ainsi jouir des ressources, encore inconnus, dont il disposait. Durant cette decennie de combat, personne n'a réussi à entrer dans ce bloc et déchiffrer les secrets qui ont amené l'humanité à ce stade. Les Guerres continuèrent de faire rage et les nations s'affrontèrent toujours plus violemment pour y penetrer. Jusqu'au jour où.... Un homme, dont personne ne connaissait son identité, apparaît sur tous les écrans du monde entier, et il decida, à la stupéfaction de tout le monde, de poser un ultimatum a l'ensemble de l'humanité. Celui-ci se faisait appelé "Zéro", et disait posséder le pouvoir d'entrer dans ce bloc mystérieux. Il dit; "J'ai créé ce nouveau bloc pour apporter la paix, mais il a, malheureusement, apporté la Guerre...Celui-ci contient l'ensemble des ressources nécessaires pour permettre à toute une nation de survivre, et de développer, durant au moins 1000 ans. Mais le plus important, comme vous l'avez deviné, il contient le secret régissant l'extinction de l'humanité et l'identité de "l'homme fondateur". Je vous annonce donc officiellement que J'organise un tournoi : le tournoi ultime. Un individu sera tiré aléatoirement au sort dans chaque nation et se verra confiait des "pouvoirs". Ces pouvoirs lui permettront de se battre dans ce tournoi et décrocher la récompense ultime. L'obtention de ce "101" bloc pour sa nation. Toutefois, comme vous pouvez vous en douter, une grande récompense nécessite de grands sacrifices. Ces 100 personnes, sélectionnées pour le tournoi, porteront sur leurs épaules la vie de chaque habitant de sa nation. Si l'un des participants meurent dans ce tournoi , c'est toute sa nation qui sera anéantie". Les peuples des 100 blocs étaient entrain de regarder cet individu parler, et ils le prenaient tous pour un fou. Comment un homme, à lui seul, arriverait à détruire tout un bloc ? Le monde était entrain de se moquer de lui et de son objectif fallacieux, jusqu'au moment où.... BOUM !!! Un des blocs de l'Est contenant 1.2 millions de personnes vient d'être complètement détruit. Zero vient de montrer au monde qu'il a le pouvoir d'exterminer toute une nation, mais le plus étonnant de tout cela, ce n'est pas son pouvoir, mais le fait qu'il a lui a fallu seulement quelques minutes pour détruire des millions de vies, et cela, sans pitié. Le monde était prêt à l'écouter et à enfin le prendre au sérieux. "Il n'existe plus que 99 blocs abritant la vie, ce qui veut dire qu'il y aura 99 participants à ce tournoi. Cependant, une seule personne pourra en sortir vainqueur... " Le monde avait compris l'objectif de zero. Il souhaitait mettre fin aux guerres et à la haine de ce monde en supprimant toutes les nations pour n'en laisser qu'une. Son objectif est donc de recréer un monde à partir d'un seul peuple. Nous allons donc suivre l'histoire de Ramces, habitant du 72e bloc, sélectionné pour participer au tournoi le plus meurtrier de l'histoire de l'humanité. Bonne chance.

  • Editing Techs
    Editing Techs

    It is copyright??

  • TindallB

    I listen to this while working on my sci fi video game, Its really cool music!

  • T T
    T T

    I’m here because I’m writing a science fiction book that I’m going to publish on amazon and I needed some inspiration

    • TindallB

      @T T Ok! :)

    • T T
      T T

      @TindallB I would love that!! My plan is to make it very cheap for the price so that anyone can get it, if it’s possible I’ll make it 1 dollar.

    • TindallB

      @T T Ok, I would read it, It Sounds Good!

    • T T
      T T

      @TindallB thank you! I’m still writing it, it’s called “2636: Arcadia” and once I’m done I’m going to publish it on Amazon and book depository ☺️

    • TindallB

      what is it? sounds interesting

  • RagingTruth16

    plays halo infinity with this music.

  • メS a a a d i i
    メS a a a d i i

    i see all this peoples complaining about why there are not born some few hundreds years from now ... We live in the era when peoples don't find their goal, peoples do what they do and don't ask why they do it. peoples watch the night sky and think about our future, a future of humanity, expecting that in 2194 humanity will live in a perfect world at the perfect time and the technology will be so advanced that anybody can go travel in space and visit the beauty of our universe ... maybe ... yeah maybe ... who knows ? But keep in mind one thing my friends, there is no perfect moment, we make those perfect moments ! there is no perfect world and there will never be one, there will always be some stupidity on this world, there will always be peoples who want to destroy things ! we are humans, that means we can be unpredictably stupid, but in other case, unpredictably smart. you forgot that in all ages, we wished we could have be born a few hundred years forward, we think the future will be perfect but in the same time we skip the present ! we have big dreams, big wishes but at the same time we are to lazy to change ourselves and change at least something in this world, make it a little bit better. it takes courage and willpower .. When peoples see a destructive weapons, i see the amount of progress we done and the ingenuity behind that technology, used by few for destructive purposes, when peoples see war, i see all this men and women who fought over centuries for peace and harmony but at the same time the manipulative few, who fought for their personal ideas and greed, when peoples are racist, i see how unique and different we are, but in a same time how we share the same will for peace .. a smile is a smile no matter who you are ! Don't be lazy ! you're are born in perfect time for helping the technology to progress, to build a new world for the future of humanity ! don't complain on your situation and change what you don't like ! we are in the beginning of the new world ! the world when humanity is a interplanetary civilization ! be that great person you see in educational books, it takes a lot to do great stuff, to become a great person, especially in our times, but those persons who truly want to become better and takes action to changes themselves and a little bit of this world are those who pull humanity forward, to a better place ! don't be lazy my friends, make the world better ! Yeah I Felt Inspired :::)))

    • M r S a d X ツ
      M r S a d X ツ

      This comment of yours has motivated me a lot . I thank you from the bottom side of my heart . It has given me courage and passion to do something for humanity . Yeah i felt inspired ! Thanks

    • Red Panda
      Red Panda

      You have spoken the truth. Reading this has made me feel like I am not the only advocate who wants to make this world a better place.

  • Donnie Graves
    Donnie Graves

    Still waiting on 3036 for the return of the almighty anunnaki to rightfully rule what is theirs

  • Siv Lee
    Siv Lee

    1 seconds into the music, now im writing a film script about a future film

  • Philip Sanders
    Philip Sanders

    We're running out of time.

  • Joshua Recinos
    Joshua Recinos

    Perfect for playing Star Citizen and Kerbal Space Program, thanks!

  • K3-Trial

    Imagine Earth explode and you are in some kind of capsule escaping from explosion into space and hearing this while traveling in unknown way

  • The calm relax
    The calm relax


  • The calm relax
    The calm relax

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  • Wööjii Jööwii
    Wööjii Jööwii

    If you are from the future reading this, hello! 🌐☄️👽👩‍🚀🛸🛰️🚀

  • Chloe Tubbs
    Chloe Tubbs

    anyone else listening to this while reading science fiction and crying? just me?

    • TheGreyWolf_Lp

      Well not only you... but I do my best to imagine myself piloting a starfighter. It has to save me from tearing up!

  • Light Years Away - The Day we left Earth
    Light Years Away - The Day we left Earth

    Is there life outside the Earth in the universe? This question has fascinated humanity for a long time and they still do not know the star seeker many times visited us. Our minds, religion and upbringing do not allow us to believe in such things. You were deceived. My childhood and adolescence I spent the time repairing an alien spaceship🚀👩‍🚀

  • Nathan Vandermeer
    Nathan Vandermeer

    We shall travel the stars my cyber friends

  • 大魚BigFishTokyoCat東京猫

    My cat died. His soul brought me here today. I write a song about him on my RSwill here, but nobody would watch.... Thankyou for this. 🐱 Meow.

  • W.J.R. Halyn
    W.J.R. Halyn

    00:30 - Interesting how badly someone misspelled "PARADIGM"...... I tried pronouncing "pa-ra-giddem", and it definitely doesn't work. C'mon PREMIUM MUSIC. How 'bout some Premium Spelling?! 8D XD

  • Error X Tech
    Error X Tech

    NO copyright ?

  • Eagle775

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Jesus Christ is the only way, KJV.

  • Biplab purkait
    Biplab purkait

    I saw the world from the stars' point of view, and it looked unbearably lonely.

  • ШАБДАН Саламат Уулу
    ШАБДАН Саламат Уулу


  • The Senate
    The Senate

    Well guys its been nice. I'm so proud of you. Really thought the dinosaurs were gonna be the ones in space but then an asteroid had to come and mess that up. Soon you may not need me. You are taking your first steps to other glorious planets. Oh while I have you here, when you guys do start space travel can you say hi to Mars for me? Haven't seen my brother in ages. Oh and Jupiter too. That girl has protected me from so much! But anyways. So proud. Yall are gonna do great in the Universe. I'll be here until no longer needed, and when you do eventually say farewell, I'll know I did a good job. Its been one helluva ride. Don't forget the Moon and me when you start your intergalactic empire!

  • Pedro Galinari
    Pedro Galinari

    Great video 👊 Listening to this while reading the foundation trilogy by Asimov

  • Dionizio Machado
    Dionizio Machado

    Great music please make more

  • ماچنجلان Majinglane
    ماچنجلان Majinglane

    A music that takes you to a remote place

  • Bartolome Esteban Murillo
    Bartolome Esteban Murillo

    "Whoa captain, the science deck was correct. An Earth like moon orbiting a gas giant right in the habitable zone of a sun like star!"

  • Stéphanie Guérout
    Stéphanie Guérout

    Bonjour c'est un vrai film ???? Je n'arrive pas à le trouver sur internet.....merci ^^

    • Gabriel Saban - Composer
      Gabriel Saban - Composer

      Bonjour, non ce n'est pas une BO, c'est un album ! :)

  • natenutron

    Wake up ppl. Human kind is being COMMUNIZED. DON'T GIVE IN TO THIS LIE OF VAX'S. You have been warned.

    • natenutron

      You can go see it for yourself on youtube. jusy look up Bill Gates, CIA and FUNVAX. I promise, if it has not been sensored, you will hear and see Bill Gates admit what they are doing. And propaganda is ppl trying to hide, shut us up about all the lies. If I never seen the mountain of evidence, I wouldn't spend my time doing so. I care about humans.

    • NGC 3372
      NGC 3372

      Stop spewing anti vaccine propaganda in the comments.

  • Jake sweeney
    Jake sweeney

    Too late to explore too late to escape in the future weather on earth will be worse 😓 I'm sorry in the future someday earth will be uninhabitable and humanity must live on other planets T-T

  • rohit kumar
    rohit kumar

    Can I use this in youtube video

  • Austin T
    Austin T

    Welp got bored of the other underground music I'm into, so I dug deeper, so deep I dug through the earth and found the cosmos. As my sang goes "once you go underground you never come up" this time I found dug so that deep, I contradicted myself. Great music for creatives! Thank you P.S this is a great example to why classical music is still the hierarchy of music.

  • Farzan Saqib
    Farzan Saqib

    Should've included Interstellar's 'Cornfield Chase' or 'Day one'.

  • Anuj

    Earphones on, laying on the terrace, looking towards the sky..... And relax

    • Anuj

      @whitetornado603 lol, ngl, I haven't updated my YT for months and idk if it's some kind of a glitch but I barely get an add once a week on any video

    • whitetornado603

      Until an effin aggravating Geiko commercial interrupts in the middle of a song

  • Lonely Ranger
    Lonely Ranger

    - This is U.E.S New Horizon, requesting permission to dock, over - New Horizon this is docking control, permission granted, welcome home, captain - Docking control, good copy, it's good to be back, over - This is the Captain, initiating docking sequence, E.T.A: 9 minutes all personel please remaim seated and with belts fastened - New Horizon this is docking control, Vector to dock Bay 5 is 0-2-1 - Roger that Docking control - Docking in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 - This is the captain, Docking sequence complete, welcome to our new home!

  • Astha Sinha
    Astha Sinha

    Dream or reality is just 👍🏻👏👏

  • Larry The Rock
    Larry The Rock

    3:54 is this the real life...

    • Astha Sinha
      Astha Sinha

      MY fav

  • Jake sweeney
    Jake sweeney

    good music....

  • Joanne


  • Night Vibes Studio
    Night Vibes Studio

    In the future, this would sound like this but.. the world to be seem a extreme way to play music like this.. but what is it causing it to be a extreme way to play music? A- The extreme way is the world's biggest SCI FI music contacted by the aliens spaceships or spacecrafts, the music or aliens or any kind of creature made this music for us from space, but why does it make it so serious about this music? Q- Who or what even made this music extreme in a war but sci fi music? A- the creator created the music by aliens with their spaceships/spacecrafts, The way the music plays and it's way of listening to it find it chilling, but what's this music really came from? The future?, or the aliens software connections.. we never know if the world would sound like this. REAL answers: The world became unsafe by something from space made by an unbearable blast from space, the picture must been captured by the future or something else. (explanation) The world's have fear with something from space with unknown objects? The first thing that made it serious by flying objects or invasions or even the biggest wars... Floating star satellite: It may or may not be security but it looks like the future satellite. Star next to earth: the star seems to be mars sitting right next to earth. Mars with a shock wave: ERROR: Code 1. cannot be found under without any answers. The future extreme music appears to be an event coming from 2090 to 2100 between. We never know if its gonna happen.

  • Zakston

    Is it copyright free ? I’d like to use one in a video cause they’re really amazing

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    Mr. Boomguy

    I think I just found my jam!

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      Astha Sinha


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    Lexie !


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    Small Giraffe

    The multiverse @_@


    Good music, though.