I Spent 100 Days In One Block Minecraft And Here's What Happened...
In This Video I Spent 100 Days In Minecraft One Block SkyBlock, My Goal Was To Defeat The Ender Dragon, I Hope You Enjoyed. Smash Like For 200 Days!
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      U said at the start without further I due

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    Mathew Roberts

    The egg went because you needed to place a torch under it to collect it

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    Angel Lee

    Why do you sound like George Weasley

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    you kinda sound like Dan tdm

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    That lama bit where they were get hung was so funny

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    IT,s a fex

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    You sound kinda like the narrator from the show Series Of Unfortunate Events...

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    5:09 Why is it so accurate 😳

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    15:09 pillager: wow

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    17:24 i thought my headphones broke lol

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    4:21 rip bunny

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    link download that sky block 1 block

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    the fairys are called vex

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    •Gacha Ginger•

    I love how calm he sounds even when he was enraged. Respect man 😌💅 Also I’m addicted to this you think you could make a part three? (If it’s not much)

  • adryan rocha
    adryan rocha

    "and she just died" well... your armor had thorns II... so... yeah...

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    Médéric Meloche

    Bro i love your vid I laughed so many times😂 The way you talk doesn’t fit the situation and this sh** is funny asf

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    What is that texture pack

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    jonathan marymawit

    Day 1 to Day Bob.

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    The best thing is that the game is really fun

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    the fairies are vexs

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    this guy is so funny

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    Whats that texture pack?

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    15:28 wOw rASiST

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    Nice dude

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    The fairy’s Are called VEX

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    Get it before you even read the message OK then bye

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    Chiken horse

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    Are you saying that the turtles out of the box please can I have a box I mean bolts please get the turtles out of the boat now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    U should of made a shield

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    Why is he so funny 😂 I

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    Animal Crossing but Minecraft

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    What’s the name of the shader?

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    The " angry fairies " are vexes

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    Kolanii: The Rabits stuck) The rabbit: DONT STAND THERE HELP ME!

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    YouTube Legend

    I tried this challenge and it’s surprising easy and hard.

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    i whant shaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Chonker The Panda

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    Why sleep when u can watch a man suffer in a shaded blocky game

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    What shaders u use?

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    How do you make a one block sky block?

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    I was eating pizza and watching this

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    How do I play this ?????????

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    The Ender Dragon died to your thorns enchantment

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    I love dogs🐕🐕🐕

  • Kyle Art
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    I love dogs🐕

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    Him: calmly says rage Me: RAGE!!!!

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    Your so good at sky block

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    I like Sk8

    What shaders do u have?

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    She died to thorns


    Great vid

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    Green Dragon

    Nature vs. Gas ⛽ Nature:*tries to build an environment* Gas:*builds fart machine* Gas:fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart

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    Nuclearpenguin 12

    Them graphics though

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  • Annoying_Momo

    Fun fact: The dragon died because he had thorns on his armor

  • Rented Bread
    Rented Bread

    You had thorns so when the ender dragon killed you she will take damage

  • Top gadgets and movies
    Top gadgets and movies

    Doesn't he sound like PewDiePie?

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    Day 69 is like 1sec Nice

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    A spider crawled up my bathroom sink after a day, I think that at least deserves him to get a name. I named him Percy. Percy the Persistent.

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    you are so funny! 😂😂😂😂

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    Wait until he finds out weakness doesn’t require nether wart just fermented spider eye in water.

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    Nobody: Not even Sassy the sheep: Not even Adam the cow: Patrick or Dave the pig kissing charlie the chicken in the butt: 2:08

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      It was Dave Just a wild guess

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    My family call my cat chonky and I agree

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    Use gravle and dirt to make cours dirt and hoe it to make dirt

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    The funniest fkn commentary

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    The dragon died with his thorns

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    Dude make a shield it will make you life easier

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    your voice sounds like dantdm ngl

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    Kolanii: "So unfortunately I was forced to kill Terry" Ruth: "Huh? What's with that sound?" *Kolanii: "Go back to sleep Ruth. Shhh... It's alright"*

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worth it 😂
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