Every Time Michael Jordan Took It Personal
comment down below if i missed any moments.

  • Ismael Gumiel
    Ismael Gumiel

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  • HailTheFire

    this makes me want to watch The Last Dance again.

  • SShorsepower

    I'm here for the comment section. 🤣

  • erg

    he always looks like he’s about to cry.

  • Grant Holtferich
    Grant Holtferich

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  • Jackson Wilson
    Jackson Wilson

    why are his eyes so yellow?

  • Asher Alcalay
    Asher Alcalay

    imagine how scary would have been to go against this guy.

  • Oz P
    Oz P

    Karl Malone reaction to the mvp trophee was like as a kid you just stepped on the brand new shoe of the school's bully

  • Ryan Ilopan
    Ryan Ilopan

    1:05 yo that reaction was priceless 😂

  • Paul Jenkins
    Paul Jenkins

    It's becoming more and more clear Lebron is never gonna catch Michael for MVPs or titles... okay, he could still win 2 more titles, but it won't be easy.

  • 9MagTV

    Cue Up The Kat Wiiliams: "You Should'nt Have Been Talking Sh💩ttt!"

  • Spencer Jameson
    Spencer Jameson

    Jordan aint shit

  • D Jason
    D Jason

    The bigger the success, the bigger the ego.

  • Tinto

    Michael Jordan would have been great on "The War On Terror".

  • Muffin Stuffer
    Muffin Stuffer

    Lavar Ball > Jordan

  • don diggy
    don diggy

    Jordan is a prick in real life just ask chamillionaire

  • acamarkovic

    Great. My childhood hero turns out to be a sociopath.

  • Matt van den Ham
    Matt van den Ham

    so sensitive to criticism for an elite athlete

  • Kathy Watson
    Kathy Watson

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  • Milos Puac
    Milos Puac

    I feel that in order to be super successful there has to some sort of hardship that you have to go through. For most people it was growing up in poverty, without father, mom dying etc. For Micheal it was as trivial as his dad cussing him out when he passed the wrong screwdriver.

  • Vihan Subramaniam
    Vihan Subramaniam

    MJ when his Mom gave his brother a kiss: "Im not saying she doesn't love him, I'm just saying it fueled a fire in me. And I said, 'ok fine, you think she loves you, well I'll show you she loves me more'"

    • Williame Kuate
      Williame Kuate


  • John Gottuso
    John Gottuso

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  • Dustin Bell
    Dustin Bell

    poor old jordan. still not the best of all time.

  • Scott Cantrell
    Scott Cantrell

    Jordan don't ever forget the push off on Russell that's how you got the last shot don't forget it

  • 1ne

    Michael Jordan is petty as hell. lolol

  • v I I c
    v I I c

    if you ever hear MJ say “okay, fine” retire.

  • gj804

    I starting to think the meme should be "Okay fine" instead "It became personal".

    • Nerdnot

      gj804: "i starting to think the meme should be "Okay fine" instead "it became personal"". Mj: Okay fine

  • danqmc

    Phenomenal player, no doubt. Kind of a sick personality, though...

  • Ethan Danilov
    Ethan Danilov

    If you ever hear this man say, “Ok, fine. No problem.” RUN.

  • CHANO5

    Jordan is a beast....arrogant but backsss it allll upp

  • Zzyzx Matrix
    Zzyzx Matrix

    MJ says "fine" like all of my ex-gfs say "fine"

  • 沈啍

    Other basketball players: *exists* Michael Jordan: “And I took that personally.”

  • Shon 305
    Shon 305

    Ahmad Rashad: Game on the line who taking the last shot. RMJ: That’s a dumb question! Classic

  • Dewyu Nohmi
    Dewyu Nohmi

    *Jesus:* _"Whosoever is without sin may cast the first stone."_ *Michael Jordan:* _"Okay."_

    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus


  • The Fishing Fool
    The Fishing Fool

    If you don't subscribe to "the fishing fool" it's going to become very personal to Michael Jordan

  • God is my help
    God is my help

    These comments are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cameron Sharp
    Cameron Sharp

    Honestly at one point I expected him to say “Now, the court side cleaners are an essential part of the game, I’m not saying they’re not, but you don’t want my sweat on the court? Ok. That’s how you feel. It became personal. I took offence to that.”

    • G G
      G G


  • Scyth3

    Michael Jordan talking about fucked up management and gm is ironic and funny. Considering how he handles charlotte

  • Kazuma “Kevin” Hiryu
    Kazuma “Kevin” Hiryu

    *space jam hits differently now*

  • Mario Cohenno
    Mario Cohenno

    i need to hear the rest. where can i find it

  • Hirohiko Araki’s YouTube Channel
    Hirohiko Araki’s YouTube Channel

    LeBron James: *became MVP for the fourth time* MJ: *pulls out his list*

  • Impact

    2:49 he cant be happy because he knows MJ is going for him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Waldemar Longinotti
    Waldemar Longinotti

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  • Lesley Broski
    Lesley Broski

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  • shutupanplay

    What's up with the audio? The more I turn it up the quieter it gets!

  • Galina Boynes
    Galina Boynes

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  • Sheepous

    This is like a serial killer documentary!!

  • amanda Algherwi
    amanda Algherwi

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  • George Correa
    George Correa

    In order to succeed and be the best you have to take it personal 😂.

  • Joseph Lin
    Joseph Lin

    10 year old girl: Michael can’t beat me on crochet MJ: I took it offense to me

  • Bojack Horseman
    Bojack Horseman

    why should anyone desire to take on the mentality of a self-centered mean-spirited maniac? you guys do know that sports were popularized in the 1900s in order to deliberately keep the masses dumb and distracted, right? who cares if someone can throw a ball through a hole. how do they behave? how do they treat people? also look into the suspicious circumstances around the murder of his father...draw your own conclusions...

  • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
    Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Michael Jordan psyched himself to have a chip on his shoulder. Because trust me you play way better trying to prove something.

  • Sheepous

    Thank god for basketball or Jordan would have been a serial killer!!

  • kosi nwosu
    kosi nwosu

    "ME!!!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Micah

    Will you be ready when Jesus Christ returns? If not confess your sins and ask Jesus to come to you. Praise the Most High for his son acting as a sacrificial lamb, so that your sins can be forgiven (KJV Romans 5:6-11). Confess your sins to the Most High (KJV1 John 1:9) and Repent (KJV Acts 3:19) now while you have time before it's too late, Many people in this world will not see tomorrow(KJV Proverbs 27:1). To repent means you will not do any of the sins you've done in the past. You will be a renewed person. What is sin? Sin is a transgression of the laws of the Most High (KJV 1 John 3:4). Learning the Ten Commandments is a good start (KJV Exodus 20:1-17).

  • Sean W
    Sean W

    Mike is an Assassin. ..

  • Pacey Thompson
    Pacey Thompson

    I hope younger players watch the last dance and see what kind of mentality to have I hope current players like Ja and Donovan take up this kinda mentality too it would be nice to see players in the league start going at each other like they used to because while seeing what happens when 3 great offensive players like Harden KD and Kyire can do together is fascinating in the sense of seeing it happen instead of playing 2k fulfilling the hypothetical what if it’s so much better seeing the best in the league battle and having some legitimate player rivalries

  • Paco JuanRico
    Paco JuanRico

    Dan Majerle was the MAN on NBA LIVE 95....! It's still my fave hoops video gm until this very day

  • Paco JuanRico
    Paco JuanRico

    Before "Mamba Mentality" there was "Michael Mentality"

  • Jaylan Phipps
    Jaylan Phipps

    The key to greatness is to take everything personally. 😂……🤔

  • josh quintero
    josh quintero

    Jordan's skill was undeniable but his personality is that of a jealous, whiny baby. What a doosh.

    • Naru Kami
      Naru Kami

      He's very narcissistic for sure.

  • TVStealer

    Where is the Toni Kukoc Olympics one?

  • Benjamin

    You took the last cookie? Ok fine, no problem...

  • luis felipe arriagada
    luis felipe arriagada

    This man talk about his list like he is John wick or som

  • Madong Seok
    Madong Seok

    That year '93 & '97.. MJ supposed to be the MVP.. And that is why "He too it personal.

  • max cop
    max cop

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  • Mike Stocks
    Mike Stocks

    Take a shot he says "Okay, fine".

  • TrxpBoy D’Or
    TrxpBoy D’Or

    Mj is kinda petty 😂😂😂

  • Adam Mohnfeld
    Adam Mohnfeld

    This man was more insane a competitor as any human at anything. That he had the rest of the goods to shit on everybody in the league and in the game is what makes him the GOAT. It is one thing to have that mentality and not the goods. But this guy....he was just not off this planet!

  • MY OB
    MY OB

    MJ is such an egotistical man-child.

  • Tully Harold
    Tully Harold

    "OKay, now its personal" - Micheal Jordan everytime anything happens

  • Heather Hansen
    Heather Hansen

    MJ is the real life version of Brenda Johnson from Chappelle's "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong": "Oh - it's like that, huh!"

  • Celo B
    Celo B

    MJ took everything personal

  • GuruEpicVideos

    I wish Jordan would help others more. He seems to not care only about his EGO

  • James Chilemi
    James Chilemi

    Cooler dude then Lebron..anyday

  • Tyler Japal
    Tyler Japal

    Michael Jordan's power level rises the more personal anything becomes to him

  • Raaka

    2:59 Is this guy disguised as a black dude?

  • Hrishikesh Pai
    Hrishikesh Pai

    if "ight bet" were a person 💀

  • othmane gougili
    othmane gougili

    I love the part when he took it personnal.

  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV

    *Dogecoin to the moon* 🚀🚀🚀🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

  • Joseph Marr
    Joseph Marr

    The most interesting basketball player in the world...I don't always watch basketball, but when I do, I watch Jordan.

  • ken masters
    ken masters

    - a puppy gets rescued from a shelter, finally has a home MJ: "I'm not saying he wasnt deserving of it. all I'm saying is that it fueled the fire in me".

  • Asa

    This must be just the first part

  • Max Rodriguez
    Max Rodriguez

    If MJ says “aight, fine 🤷‍♂️” you know it’s over

  • Burak Ranger
    Burak Ranger

    Jordan the typa guy to get an extra McDouble in his bag and take it personal

  • codeman3788

    Long story short if MJ couldn't find a reason to make it personal with you, he would LEGIT make up a reason to make it personal just to amp himself up. Like Bobby Boucher before Bobby Boucher was Bobby Boucher.

  • Tobias Guerreiro
    Tobias Guerreiro

    Thank you Phillips screwdriver for the greatest basketballer of all time.

  • JNL Juice
    JNL Juice

    Fast food worker: that will be 10.99 Michael MJ: Ok fine **pays 60 dollars**

  • Forgotten Unknown
    Forgotten Unknown

    Look at these old ass same similar repetitive comments im taking shx personnel now

  • Dayton Ohio
    Dayton Ohio

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  • Mark Aranita
    Mark Aranita

    Ivan drago says to Michael:You will lose. Michael drops 66 while dragos wife smoking a cig


    Italy is the European champion of Donarum Hero Southgate tragic as 96. When I spoke England will never win anything until they get rid of Gerard Lamaprd Rooney Heskey Rasford ... Bravo azzuri .....

  • Joshua Tofson
    Joshua Tofson

    Every time? Don't believe it... videos less then 4 minutes

  • 6ix

    MJ: *closes 2k* Me: yo mike why u qui.. MJ:😐

  • TheTripleTKA

    i hate jerry specially after the way they portrayed him in this series, but it's ironic Jordan has built the shittiest team in the NBA as a GM sksdksjdks

  • Ted Torqueoholic
    Ted Torqueoholic

    that dude is so overrated. Get over yourself

  • Stacie Mohler
    Stacie Mohler


  • Wetwork

    Jordan....If your shoes were 50$....you would be seen as an mvp. Since they aren't i guess they and you just dont have the capabilities of a true varsity player. * Now bois, lets wait and see if he takes it personal and lowers the prices* Thank me later!

  • Father J
    Father J

    More Like: 'Michael Jordan Took it Personal Every Time'

  • Lacour Williams
    Lacour Williams

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