Ark Mantony

Ark Mantony
Ark Mantony

Mixing the best of Bass House, Deep House, G-House, UK Garage, Bounce and everything in between.


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  • Justin L
    Justin L

    my friends and I always bump your mixes when playing uno, keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Justin L
    Justin L

    21:40 ????

    • Justin L
      Justin L

      Thank you 🙏🏼

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Closure (Original Mix) - Vize Verza

  • Angela V
    Angela V

    I keep coming back to this mix, it's brilliant!

  • Andrii Borysevych
    Andrii Borysevych

    Instant like 👍

  • Fernando A
    Fernando A


  • Gus & Jess
    Gus & Jess

    26:55 👌👌👌

  • M O
    M O

    No joke, the first three seconds of the mix got me switching from headphones to my high-end speakers, cause I knew it was gonna git gud

  • Ivan Estrada
    Ivan Estrada

    Can you throw this on your SoundCloud!?

  • Zeroth


  • Infffernape

    Can u make another old school future house!

  • Infffernape

    THE BEST Mix BTW Just so you know, I do not like to comment on youtube.

  • mauricio taco
    mauricio taco

    I came for the low :3

  • Jovana J.
    Jovana J.

    My favorite music mix. Deep house is best! :3🥺

  • Adrian Harcourt-Cooke
    Adrian Harcourt-Cooke

    Yessssss, my home country!!!

  • Don Pepito Sport
    Don Pepito Sport

    absolutely relaxing, just what I needed. Congratulations

  • kelvin

    mixes usually get boring near the end because the people making them run out of good songs, but this one just gets better :P

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Thank you! I try and put a lot of effort into finding the music to include in these so happy to hear you enjoyed 🙏

  • Kiera O callaghan
    Kiera O callaghan

    I am a deep house fan. It makes me really happy and relaxed

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    nice mix bro

  • DavidK3y

    Wow Good!

  • Max Kade
    Max Kade

    Oh yeah, great as always! Good spring mix!

  • Áron Kovács
    Áron Kovács

    This is THE mix that my soul just wanted right now! Thank you!!❤️

  • Johnny Oelofse
    Johnny Oelofse

    SA🇿🇦 🔥

  • Elxan Rza
    Elxan Rza

    Sting - Shape of My Heart (remix)

  • jjeseroma

    What’s the song at 6:15 love it

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Get Me High (Original Mix) - Harrison


    song of min 25 ??

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Long Way Home (Harricane Remix) - Lucas & Steve x Deepend

  • Boske.

    yeeess! amazing!

  • Nakri Vosam
    Nakri Vosam


  • Agnes Csingerne
    Agnes Csingerne


  • Ferrel Frequency
    Ferrel Frequency


  • slurp

    Digga fühl ich


    saludos desde mexico, soy mas creativa

  • Fabio Molinari
    Fabio Molinari


  • Heseretable

    How is this deep house in any way. Boy I must be getting old :D

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Deep house is a pretty big umbrella term, this mix definitely contains a lot of songs influenced by future house/tech house/bass house

  • Kerry Molloy
    Kerry Molloy

    Song at 35.01?

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      In The Dark (Sonny Fodera Remix) - Vintage Culture

  • Vierka Berzáková
    Vierka Berzáková

    Really excellent mix,Ark!

  • Turon Turon
    Turon Turon

    11min in ale it is great, hope the rest is same

  • Sarah

    Heard 15 seconds andddd subscribed

  • Grane Vitale
    Grane Vitale

    These music is awesome...🤟

  • Alex LAV
    Alex LAV

    7:30! !!

  • David dos Santos
    David dos Santos

    Absolutely brilliant again 🙌

  • ClubRestrictedRecords

    Το εφιερωνω στο Ελινακι μου!

  • julio sanchez
    julio sanchez

    You really out did yourself with this one Ark. This is why you the MANtony

  • Fabian Bennett
    Fabian Bennett

    New Ark Mantony House mix, New absolute vibes to be felt for an hour. As usual, keep it up, sir. Find myself coming back to these to relisten and that's pretty rare.

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Thank you for the continued support ! 🙏 Appreciate the kind words

  • Time Music
    Time Music

    chill music <3 have nice a day

  • Karthik Iyer
    Karthik Iyer

    Your mixes are amazing! What would you recommend as the first steps for someone wanting to learn?

    • Karthik Iyer
      Karthik Iyer

      @Ark Mantony that would be amazing man, looking forward to it

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Thank you! I'm actually thinking of making a few tips/tutorial videos to go over some basics but first steps are understanding harmonic mixing, EQ bands, and being able to read waveforms in your DAW. After that it's just practice, practice, practice. Good luck !

  • Gabriela Pacheco
    Gabriela Pacheco

    I used this playlist on spotify!!! I love it

  • TDSTU official
    TDSTU official

    Good mix! Guys need your help! Please rate my music!

    • TDSTU official
      TDSTU official

      I deleted the old videos. Reloading Creativity🙄

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      1.2k subs with 1 vid with 5 views 🤔🤔

  • Nicole Moreno
    Nicole Moreno

    I loved <3

  • Jade_Swagg

    This is an ENTIRE vibe!! Let's Goooooo!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    13:00 track id pls🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Different People (Original Mix) - Adrian Mønteiro & The Ølivers

  • Willy Walter
    Willy Walter

    You are the goat my man. Keep it up! I ain't listening to anything else than your stuff at the moment.

  • Mathijs

    Sweet man! Would to love to have this on Spotify! 🙏🕺

  • NightRoo

    that's a piece of art for real good job

  • Charles

    You got great talent! Hope you can come out to San Francisco, CA

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Thank you for the words of support! Hopefully one day I will be able to - would love to visit CA 🤞🤞

  • Тусьман

    waitin for coolest new underground 🗿

  • ShanRu


  • Shravan Kumar
    Shravan Kumar

    lets goo new ark mantony mix

  • Andrew Mohr
    Andrew Mohr

    maan i love your mixes so much! Would be cool to hear this live :D

    • angeluslight5711

      Agreed, I would pay for a night of his mixing magic!

    • Mathijs

      @Ark Mantony Somewhere in the Netherlands 👌

    • Andrew Mohr
      Andrew Mohr

      @Ark Mantony Oh heck yah, come out to BC Canada! (Shambhala, bass coast)

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Thanks for all the support! Hopefully once the live music/festival scene starts picking back up I'll be able to book a few gigs 🤞

  • Ark Mantony
    Ark Mantony

    *TRACKLIST* 1. Trouble (Original Mix) - Steven James & Not Famous [0:00] 2. Toxicated Vibe (Chunda Munki Remix) - Mark Stent [4:04] 3. Forget It (Extended Mix) - Matroda [5:55] 4. HDLCK (Original Mix) - BLU J [7:16] 5. I Love It (SHØX Remix) - Cheat Codes ft. Dvbbs [10:26] 6. Foolproof (Extended Mix) - Hayden James & Gorgon City ft. Nat Dunn [12:47] 7. There For You (Cassian Remix) - Just Kiddin ft. Effie [15:19] 8. Again (DLMT Extended Remix) - Mako [16:55] 9. Lose Control (Gunball Remix) - Meduza & Becky Hill ft. Goodboys [19:46] 10. Something New (DAFT HILL & MKJAY Remix) - Wiz Khalifa ft. Ty Dolla $ign [23:20] 11. Just A Feeling (Original Mix) - Phantoms ft. Vérité [26:29] 12 Tell Me (Francis VI Flip) - Devault & BabyJake [27:30] 13. Easy To Love (Extended Mix) - Mahalo ft. Vivaswan [28:32] 14. Carry On (Cat Dealers Extended Remix) - Martin Jensen & MOLOW [29:10] 15. Bad Days (Original Mix) - Monoky & Lee Wells [32:40] 16. Lay With Me (Original Mix) - Phantoms ft. Vanessa Hudgens [36:44] 17. I Want Love (Cat Dealers Remix) - Gryffin [39:17] 18. Nothing More To Say - Rampant ft. DEAK [39:56] 19. Alive (Warren Extended Remix) - The Subculture [43:08] 20. Destination (Extended Mix) - DLMT [45:43] 21. Wrong (Francis VI Flip) - Kid Laroi [48:35] 22. Blame (Original Mix) - ZHU x Ekali [51:10] 23. Sharpest Edges (Airmow Remix)- Gallant [53:27] 24. Lies (Original Mix) - Syence ft. H Kenneth [55:30] 25. Rogue (Original Mix) - DNMO ft AKACIA [57:27] 26. GDBYE (Original Mix) - BLU J & MOONZz [58:39]

    • Janet M.G
      Janet M.G

      @Ark Mantony you’re a godsend thank youuu 🙏🏼

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      @Janet M.G Ahh my bad, didn't even realize it was a remix. Updated the tracklist to reflect. Doesn't appear to be on youtube but here's the soundcloud link:

    • Janet M.G
      Janet M.G

      @Ark Mantony 10:26 ? 👀

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      @Janet M.G Timestamp?

    • Janet M.G
      Janet M.G

      I can not find the i love it remix on RSwill 😣💔 is it on SoundCloud?

  • time2drift


  • Dima Xmp
    Dima Xmp


    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony


  • MusicalFreedom

    first..and last comment

  • Gennady Kolasev
    Gennady Kolasev

    крутой сет! до дыр заслушал

  • kelvin

    Í've never turned on notifications for a channel before, in like 6 years of watching RSwill. Definitely worth it.

  • kelvin

    Solid as fuck

  • Darius Kellner
    Darius Kellner

    E ce trebe!! 😁😁

  • Delk Kalopsia
    Delk Kalopsia

    Love remix, loved this pictures. ♥


    COOL !!!!

  • Safe n Sound
    Safe n Sound

    Why all the dislikes? Are you ok people?

  • Amanda McPherson
    Amanda McPherson

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the 3rd song is? *chorus* I don't love you... not like I used to. Gotta let ya know... I gotta let ya go. I can't look into your eyes... You just don't get me high.

    • Amanda McPherson
      Amanda McPherson

      dont worry i found it lol

  • DieLocke

    Nice mix. Too much ads inside.. Moneeey

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Unfortunately due to the mix containing copyrighted content I can't control the number or placement of ads

  • Biscuit Tin
    Biscuit Tin

    Adverts, swerved, no thanks!

    • Biscuit Tin
      Biscuit Tin

      @Ark Mantony I will try an ad blocker on my pc thanks for that.. not posted in a while but welcome to listen,

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      @Biscuit Tin Totally agreed. I use an adblocker constantly on desktop but on mobile it's super annoying. I get they are trying to push people to get the paid version of YT but feels like it is just pushing people to other services for music

    • Biscuit Tin
      Biscuit Tin

      @Ark Mantony wow I didn't know that, jeezus!! Tbh I watch a huge amount of YT but it's starting to become annoying as adverts are a lot more frequent, now a compulsory advert followed by one you can skip.. its ridiculous 😒

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      @Biscuit Tin As far as I can tell RSwill just inserts an ad anytime it detects copyrighted content.

    • Biscuit Tin
      Biscuit Tin

      @Ark Mantony I have multiple channels, who sets the frequency of adverts if you don't mind me asking

  • shoutitallloud

    Man, you are a GOD!!!

  • Lucas Funk Game Top
    Lucas Funk Game Top

    Love your content My Friend

  • Jaro Sessions
    Jaro Sessions

    Very moody stuff right there 😊😊😊

  • Cynthia Luchi
    Cynthia Luchi

    acabei de achar o seu canal por acaso, e tô apaixonada.... as MELHORES playlists que ja ouvi! Trabalho incrível! Love from Brazil <3

    • Ark Mantony
      Ark Mantony

      Muito obrigado! Fico feliz que tenha gostado :D

  • Greg Clough
    Greg Clough






  • LuMESHtv

    Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!! Yes!! added to my dance & exercise play this!! This is the best!